Sunday, April 4, 2010

To Temptu or Not To Temptu, That Is The Question

Kat has spent this Easter Sunday seriously contemplating whether or not to purchase the Temptu system. She really is interested in purchasing it but it is an investment.

The pros:

-Likes the air brush system
-Can be used for foundation, blush, bronzer and highlighter
-Makeup comes out looking nice, dewy and natural while still giving good coverage
-Everything is in pods so it is very sanitary

The cons:

-The cost
-Portability--while it is small, it still seems difficult to travel with it. Future trips will probably be Las Vegas and Japan
-Seems as if it might take a little longer to put on than her regular foundation (but then again, that might resolve itself once she gets used to using the system)

The question marks:

-Now this may sound strange but Kat is a little concerned about breathing in the foundation mist. Will it do any harm to the lungs and body over time?
-What about your eyes? The ad shows the model spraying it on with her eyes open but does it eventually do any harm to the eyes? It's kind of difficult to spray it on by your eyes with you closing your eyes. Can't see what you're doing, unless you close one eye and then the other.
-Will this company continue to be in business for a long time. It would be terrible to buy the system and then the company decides to discontinue and/or goes out of business. You're then stuck with not being able to buy supplies.

While thinking about all of these things, Kat thought about her usual foundation routine. It has been ingrained in her from years ago that you put on your foundation and set with powder. With the Temptu system you can set it with powder or not. When you do set it with powder though, you do lose the dewy effect. Kat also realized when she set one side with powder, that it ended up looking the same as when she uses her regular foundation. It is the use of powder that bring out the fine lines, which is one of the reasons she discontinued using Bare Minerals. So, is finishing with powder still a hard, fast rule nowadays?

She decided to put on her foundation (Maquillage) and used her powder foundation only from below her cheekbones. She wanted to keep her face from her cheekbones and above powder free because that is where the fine lines show up with the use of powder. She also used a powder bronzer and blush. After about 5 hours, she did need to touch up the foundation under her eyes but that is pretty much normal. The good result is that the fine lines did not show up. While her face doesn't look dewy like it does with the Temptu, she is quite pleased with the results of this experiment.
Maquillage cream foundation
no powder, approx. 1 hour after application

On a side note, testing both the Temptu and regular foundation with no powder finish has been interesting but unfortunately it isn't in the usual Hawaii climate. These past couple of weeks has been quite cool and not the usual humid weather conditions so I can't be sure what it will be like when regular weather returns. For example, Kat was in her house all day today and it was a very pleasant and cool 72 degrees F. (22-23C)

So the question still Temptu or not to Temptu


Rica said...

Temptu is indeed interesting. I saw them last year in IMATS Toronto. And I think the MUA answered one of your question. You won't breathe in the product. She explained why, but I forgot since it's like half a year ago already. They also mentioned about getting it on the clothes and hair, and that's no worries too. Unless you spray it real close or change the pressure too high, it won't happen. I would love to have a airbrush system too, but it's too pricey, and I do really enjoy taking my time putting on makeup =D

I've heard that Laura Mercier and NARS loose powder are great, maybe you can give those a try. But get a sample, don't buy it and regret after =)

galpal.hi said...

Hi Rica!

Thanks so much for commenting and for answering one of the questions that I had. It's really a great system but definitely a luxury item and not a must have item.

Thanks for signing up and following us too.