Saturday, April 3, 2010

MUFE Mist & Fix Review

Sorry that this took a little while to get reviewed. After Kat picked up the Mist & Fix, she got sick. Wednesday evening her son comes home and walks into the house.

Son: Wow, you look terrible!
Kat: Gee, thanks...
Son: LOL! You're welcome.

So now Kat is back to the land of the living, at least most of the time, and here is the review:

MUFE's Mist & Fix is a light spray that sets all types of makeup, even under extreme conditions. The MUA told me that it is often used for weddings and photoshoots. It is also supposed to be moisturizing and will make you have a dewy look.

Kat wanted to purchase the small "To Go" version but neither Sephora had it and only one Sephora had the larger size in stock.  So she bought the larger sized one and tested it out. With the inital application, makeup looked awesome! Face was dewy looking and seemed to give the same finish that she got with the Temptu. After several hours, however, her face was looking chalky/powdery/ashy. Not a good look at all! She did another application of the Mist & Fix and voila! face was looking good again. After another few hours, it was back to looking chalky.

Kat's conclusion: This is a product that needs to be applied after a couple of hours in order to sustain the moisturized, dewy look. Kat doesn't want to have to carry around a bottle in order to do that. She's also wondering what will happen to her pores after all the layers of applications that need to be done throughout the day. Of course everyone's skn is different and maybe Kat's just doesn't match well with this product. The one positive that she did find was that her bottom eyelining didn't fade or smudge so she didn't get the racoon eyes that she often gets. It may be worth a try using this just to set the eye makeup and see what happens. This is definitely a product that she will not buy again and is considering returning.