Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Double Eyelid Stretch Fiber Comparison/Product Review

I have been using the Mezaik Double Eyelid Stretch Fiber since the beginning of April of this year. It is my HG product and something that I probably will continue to use everyday for a long, long time.

I have been purchasing it from iMomoko and also did a swap with another blogger and that was one of the items that I wanted. I also discovered it on another website but they are out of stock and have been for a while. I was going to reorder it from iMomoko because they were having a discount sale but it's no longer on there. GASP! What am I to do!

I discovered a new item on Adam Beauty which looks very similar. It is called AB Mezical Fiber. It is cheaper than the Mezaik and since it's the only thing that I could find, I decided to order one as a trial.

First thing that I noticed was that the AB Mezical is black while the Mezaik is pink. It is also just a wee bit shorter than the Mezaik. I was a little worried that when I stretched it out the fiber might be dark colored as well but it is the same color as the Mezaik, which is clear.

I decided to give it a really good test by applying it last night after washing my face. I was doing that with the Mezaik but stopped (out of laziness) a couple of months ago. I also started using the Bremenn cream on the entire eyelid at night and the stretch fiber will not work using any creams. I applied it in the usual way that I apply the Mezaik.This morning I rinsed my face off as usual, applied my makeup and so far so good.

As you can see from the pictures above, the result is the same as the Mezaik as far as how visible or invisible the stretch fiber is. It looks quite natural.

It is now more than 24 hours since I first applied it and more than 16 hours since I applied my makeup. The AB Mezical Fiber is still working very well. It was a rather humid day today so even with the humidity, which also tends to make my skin more oily, I still haven't experienced any difference in the adherence of the fiber.

Despite my trepidation of using a different brand, I'm glad that I tried this out. It seems to be working the same so I will not have any worries about ordering this brand if I can't find the Mezaik. I know that I could ask my son and/or friends in Japan to buy and send the Mezaik to me but I prefer not to bother them. I also checked iMomoko the other day and they are now stocking the AB Mezical Fiber, although it's slightly cheaper at Adam Beauty.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sample Review: Bremenn Upper Eyelid Lifter

Last week Saturday when Mai and I went to Teddy Bear World Hawaii, we stopped in the new Sephora in Waikiki. There are 3 Sephora stores on Oahu and they don't all carry the same products. (The one that is closest to me is probably the smallest store so they don't carry items that the other two stores might.) It was in the Waikiki store that I saw a product that I hadn't seen before. It is the Bremenn Upper Eyelid Lifter.
Image from Sephora

The unique thing about this eye cream is that it is for your upper eyelids. All other eye creams are for under your eyes and isn't recommended that you apply onto your eyelids. According to Sephora's website, this is an eyelid cream that is supposed to make your eyes look bigger, brighter and fresher. This cream was formulated to address deflated, drooping lids for a more wide-awake look.

This sounds perfect for my needs as I have sagging, droopy, crepey eyelids. The SA gave me a generous sample of this eye cream. I've been using it twice a day since I received it 7 days ago. To date, I don't think that I have experienced my eyes looking bigger and brighter. Nor do I think that it has lifted any. However, I think--not completely sure--that my eyelids are less crepey and seem to be firmer. I think that I have enough of the sample to last me at least a couple of weeks more. I'll continue using it and will decide when I run out if it's working and if I'll actually purchase a tube.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Shortest Blog Post Ever from Me

I am grateful for everyone who reads this blog, whether you are a follower or not. I am most grateful for meeting and making such wonderful friends through blogging. You guys are awesome! Technology is such a blessing.

It is 4:35 a.m. and my turkey is in the oven. I'm getting hungry already!



Sunday, November 21, 2010

Teddy Bear World Hawaii

Yesterday, Mai and I decided to and check out the newly, recently opened Teddy Bear World Hawaii in Waikiki. It is in the former Planet Hollywood location. Teddy Bear World Hawaii is the first Teddy Bear Museum franchise to open outside of Korea.

When you first arrive there, you walk directly into the gift shop, which is where you purchase the tickets. I don't know if this is just a special promotion or if it's a permanent thing but if you purchase $30.00 or more in the gift shop, you will get a $10.00 discount off of your ticket purchase. Mai and I decided to buy something but separately, our purchases would have been under $30.00 so we combined our purchases under one sale and was able to get the $10.00 ticket discount.

After you purchase your ticket, you go up the escalator and there is a wall with Teddy Bears around the World. It was difficult to get the full wall but I managed to take a picture of the section that featured Asia.

I don't know how many people saw the K-Drama, "Goong" aka "The Palace" but a portion of one of the episodes took place at a Teddy Bear Museum and I was expecting it to be similar. It was quite different because what I saw in the drama were showcases of teddy bears. At this museum, there were themed showcases and the themes were mechanical. There is a motion detecter eye so when you step into that area, the mechanization starts. It's like a little wonderland. There are different theme areas in the museum--8 Wonders of America, Dinosaur Park, Save the Planet, All About Teddy Bears and Hawaii in Hawaii. I thought that the most impressive portion was the Dinosaur Park. The dinosaurs roar and move as well as some of the teddy bears.

I thought that the cutest display was the panda bear display. Some of the pandas were dancing!

At the end of the museum tour, there is a mini show. I'll leave you with a short clip of that show.

I've uploaded the pictures that I took of our little trip here at this album. You're welcome to take a look.

I know that this isn't beauty or fashion related at all but I hope you enjoyed it. We had fun.


Saturday, November 20, 2010


I rarely do OOTD posts because my daily wardrobe is pretty boring. Today Mai and I went into Waikiki (something which most locals don't do much) so I decided to dress up juuuust a little bit from my normal jeans and t-shirts. We actually went to see the recently opened Teddy Bear Museum and Sephora Waikiki. The Teddy Bear Museum was really cute and much better than I thought it would be. Maybe I'll do a separate post another time.

I actually got these main pieces to this OOTD only a day or two ago. They were from Macy's Jr.'s department on clearance so I got some bargains. The jeans are actually jean leggings. I couldn't decide between the small and the medium since the small was just a bit tight but with the lycra, it would stretch out throughout the day. The medium had just a little bit more "give" to it but was longer and a bit looser in the waist. I ended up buying the medium and washing and throwing it into the dryer on high heat and it shrunk to just right. I got these jeans leggings on clearance for $14.99 and by using my Macy's card, got an additional 10% off. The top was also from Macy's Jr. dept. on clearance. I did modify it a bit because it actually had a collar to it but it was a bit big, bulky and pointy. I folded the collar in and sewed it down and I like the look of it much better. It came with the matching belt and was only $9.99 plus the 10% discount. I am wearing a lace top lycra cami underneath since it is cut just a tad bit too low for my liking and that was from Nordstrom rack. I can't remember the exact price but it was somewhere around $10.00.

The boots were the most expensive part of this outfit. They are of a gray suede-like fabric. The heel is really quite low, which I like. It was quite comfortable except we did a LOT of walking so my toes and balls of my feet were starting to scream, even with the gel cushion for ball of foot that I inserted. (See the bit of blue in the boot.) I actually brought a pair of sandals just in case and it's a good thing that I did. The boots were purchased from The Slipper House and were $29.99. They are actually a girls' boot in a size 4. The sales clerk said that there was no way I would fit a girls' size but depending on the style of the shoe/sandal, I can.

Although it's not pictured, my purse was a pewter-colored bag with 4 large rosettes going across the top of it.

I hope that you're all having a lovely weekend!


Friday, November 19, 2010

Review: L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara and Infallible Lipgloss

I see that in the past few weeks there are some new followers. Thank you for reading this blog and for following. We appreciate each and every one of you.

A few weeks ago I decided to explore the drugstore and try out a couple of items. In our never ending quest to find THE mascara, I thought that I'd try L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes.

It comes in a pretty gold tube.

The bristles are not your typical brush bristles but are plastic bristles. At the point where the bristles are attached to the wand, it's very boingy/springy.

I actually really like these bristles and the springy-ness because I feel that it really helps to grab my lashes. For comparison, here's my picture with me using my current favorite Gokubuto mascara, with no mascara base and no prior curling.

Now here's my lashes using the L'Oreal mascara, again no mascara base and no prior curling.

There is barely any curling of my lashes although I do believe that my lashes are definitely more volumized. The reason why I can tell that is because I actually have some "hooding" of my eyes like I get when I wear false lashes. (It kind of blocks out some of the light from shining in my eyes."

The next day I decided to curl my lashes and use mascara base before applying L'Oreal.

While it looks okay, I will not purchase it again. I will give this to Mai to try out and see if she likes it since her favorite mascara is from L'Oreal. (I can't remember which one though.)

I also decided to try out L'Oreal Infallible Lipgloss because I liked the colors and wanted to give drugstore brands a try. These are plumping lipglosses and while I don't really want to have plumped up lips, I gave it a shot.

These are definitely a no! When I applied it, it makes my lips have a prickly feeling--perhaps that's the plumping action going on, but it's not a pleasant feeling to me at all. Otherwise, it has the typical lipgloss stickiness--not overly sticky but sticky nonetheless.

Sadly most drugstore products are a fail for me. Japanese drugstore brands, though, are a different story. I like a lot of the products from Japan.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Review: Tarina Tarantino Primer and Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Foundation

At the Nordstrom Trend Show, the MUA used Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Foundation on her and as the night went on, I found that I really liked the way it looked on her. I decided to get color matched and try a sample of it.  I was a bit worried since it's a long-wearing foundation and usually those have a matte finish and can be drying. Since I had decided to get this sample long after we left Nordstrom, I got my sample from Macy's. I felt that the color she matched me with was going to be a bit too dark and ashy for me. Plus, it was Bisque 3W, which is warm and I am cool-toned. When I first applied it, it was a perfect match but as the day went on, it did turn on me and didn't quite match well. I looked a bit tired and sallow. I went back and got a sample in the Bisque 2C and while it did apply a bit light at first, the color ended up matching me the best. At the end of the day, I still looked bright.

This foundation provides me good coverage, and even if I don't set it with powder, it doesn't stay tacky. I think that I finally  found a good foundation that fits my needs.

I've been using a mini bottle of Tarina Tarantino Pearl Glow Primer and I can say without a doubt, it's awesome!

According to Sephora's website, this primer is hydrating and smooths your skin prior to makeup application. It contains light-reflective properties which helps to give skin a healthy, luminescent glow. Yes, it does all of that for me! I'm totally blown away by how well it works on me. It doesn't feel greasy or sticky and absorbs quickly into my skin. I'm not sure if it makes my skin a little whiter than normal or if that's the brightening property in it but when I first apply my foundation, I must admit that I do look like I'm wearing the wrong color foundation. After some time though, it does balance out. I've noticed that at the end of a 12+ hour day, my skin still looks nicely hydrated and smooth. Usually, my fine lines are showing up way before then.

Start of the day

After 12 hours

At first I wasn't sure if it was the primer or the foundation that was making my skin look good after a long day so I used my Dior primer today with the foundation and my skin is definitely as nicely hydrated and smooth as when I use the Pearl Glow primer.

I decided that I wanted to buy a full-sized bottle of the primer. I ended up getting both the primer and foundation on the last day of the Sephora V.I.B. sale so I'm a happy camper. My search for a new primer is over and it's quite reasonably priced.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Review: Lancome Blush

As I mentioned in my previous post, Mai got her makeup done by Lancome at Nordstrom's Trend Show. They showed us the new color makeup that just got released and there were some very pretty colors. In the eyeshadow quad, there was an absolutely gorgeous purple quad which was called Mademoiselle Chic. As I have several purple palettes, I decided not to get it but am still thinking about it a lot so I may end up purchasing it. This palette was used on Mai and it looked great. Another new color released that was used on Mai was a blush called Shimmer Violet Sunrise. It's a deep burgundy shimmery color. It can be applied lightly for a sheer look or more heavily for a deeper, richer look. You do need to be a bit light handed with it because it's nicely pigmented and because of the deep color. Mai said that it would definitely not be a color she would have chosen to wear but it looked fantastic on her. I ended up buying it as well.

This one is taken with flash so the color shows up way lighter than it actually is. I wanted to be able to show the shimmer in the blush

Since the color is so deep, I decided to use it as a contour blush and applied Lancome Rose Deco on the apples of my cheeks.

This one is more true to color.

I used to wear deep burgundy blush a long time ago but I'm finding that as much as I love Shimmer Violet Sunrise, it doesn't seem to look good on me. I think that before I was much darker than I am now so darker, deeper colors suited me. Now, I need to use a little lighter colors.

By the way, I'm not liking the new photo upload format for blogspot. This is the 2nd post where one of my pictures is turned sideways and I can't rotate it back.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Nordstrom Trend Show

This past Saturday was Trend Show at Nordstrom. I wasn't sure if I could make it so Mai and I didn't book any appointments. The hubby was feeling quite good after his surgery so he insisted that I spend some time out and about and go to Trend Show with Mai.

Mai got skincare done by ReVive. (I decided that I didn't want to remove my makeup so I didn't get anything done.) Then she got her makeup done by Lancome. They just released their new makeup colors. The quads were really pretty as well as the blush and lipsticks. Mai and I got a couple of things, which I'll do a review of in a separate post.

We also got introduced to a new skincare line from the UK. Not sure if it's a new line but it's new to Nordstrom. It is called Rodial. There were some very interesting products in their line. There's also a whole set of products for the body--boob job is supposed to increase your bust size, bum lift helps your butt to lift and become firmer, there's also tummy tuck, stretch mark eraser and body sculpture. I didn't test anything out although I did get a sample of their day and night moisturizers. Rodial as well as the ReVive line were quite pricey.

Initially when we got there, it was pretty crowded but it thinned out by 1:00. I think that this year wasn't as crowded as last year.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Sephora V.I.B. Opening Day Sale Haul

Although I had kind of decided that I wasn't going to be doing any more haul posts unless it was with a review, here I am doing one.

Yesterday was the opening day of Sephora's V.I.B. 20% off sale. While purchases were 20% from the beginning of the day, there was special hours from 6 - 9 p.m. for their Kick-Off Party. During this time, you could bring a guest  and that guest would also get 20% off. You as a V.I.B. would also receive a free, special tote, enter a sweepstakes drawing, get expert makeovers and sample Godiva chocolates. I got there at 5:40 and it was total madness already. I don't remember it being like this last year and neither did the SA. I had already gone to another mall earlier in the day and picked up a few items that I wanted but wanted to join in on the Kick-Off Party festivities. I couldn't find a couple of items that I wanted but still was able to make a purchase. I started standing in line at around 5:50 and it was already very long. It took 45 minutes for me to finally get checked out.

This is what I picked up yesterday during my two trips:

A lot of NARS products! I started using NARS a few weeks ago and it makes me wonder why I hadn't tried it before. Lipgloss in Stella and Dolce Vita--I love Dolce Vita! It's a color that I have been looking for in lipstick/lipgloss for a long time now. NARS Orgasm Lust Set--I bought one a week or so ago and loved it so much that I decided to get one for a gift, NARS Blush Duo in Orgasm/Laguna--same as the mini set but bigger and NARS The Multiple in Luxor, highly recommended by Yumeko of A Dream of Tokyo. From Guerlain, I picked up Meteorites Perles in Teint Rose. I wanted the new, 2010 LE but it's not being sold at Sephora. I decided not to be picky since it's 20% off and it wasn't a "must have" but a "want". I've been wanting to try the Meteorites Perles for a long time now. While I have read complaints about the scent, I think that it's a lovely violet scent.

I also used 500 of my points to get this Beauty Insider Recharge Your Skin mini kit. For age repair, it has Korres Quercetin & Oak Antiaging & Antiwrinkle Oil-Control Treatment; Fine Line Fixer, DDF Doctoer's Dermatologic Formula Restoring Night Serum; Unclogs Pores, Murad Clarifying Mask; Moisture Quencher, Shiseido Bio-Performance Advanced Super Revitalizer Cream; Wrinkle Fighter, Strivectin SD Intensive Concentrate For Stretch Marks and Wrinkles; and Pore Refiner, Dr.  Brandt Pores No More Anti-Aging Mattifying Lotion. I'm not sure if I'll try all of these items but it sounded interesting.

What I will be ordering online from Sephora is Shiseido's Primer as recommended to me by Jess and some Stila Eyeshadow palettes--I'm still undecided as to which one(s) to get.

EDIT: I completely forgot that I got a mini of Tarina Tarentino's Pearl Glow Primer. I will use this for the next several days and then place my order at the last minute. I just applied it a little while ago and so far it seems like it might work out nicely. BTW, if you have an iPhone, you can get a free gift too just by downloading the Sephora app. onto your iPhone and then showing it to a SA when you check out.

Oh on a side note, the free tote bag is basically a vinyl version of Sephora's package that you get on a daily basis when you make a purchase. I was so disappointed that there were no Godiva samples given out, only a voucher for 20% off of a Godiva.com $75.00 or more purchase.

Were you able to make a purchase yet and did you get what you wanted?


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

In Search Of...

...a new primer.

Hmmm...it uploaded sideways and won't let me fix it. Sorry!

I am currently using Dior Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Radiance Enhancer. I like it because it has a creamy texture and doesn't leave my face feeling kind of plasticky/siliconey. It goes on smoothly and feels quite moisturizing. I'm not sure that it helps to keep my foundation from oxidizing a bit but it does seem to help my makeup be long lasting. The thing that I'm not liking is the price, which is why I'm in search of a new primer without the higher price tag.

Here are some of the primers that I have tried:

Not pictured is the Stila One Step Correction Primer and MUFE HD Primer. I have one somewhere but couldn't find it.

As I mentioned previously, the Stila was a disaster. Smashbox Photofinish makes my face itch although I do not break out. Clarins is super rich and feels nice a creamy but I decided that I don't like it much. I forgot that in the past I have used Clarins skincare line, which was anti-aging and somehow, I felt like it made my skin age more. Too Faced is okay but not sure if I like it much. The same with UDPP. Both Too Faced and UDPP kind of give me that plastic/silicone feeling although there is no silicone in it. Also, if I use it on a daily basis, it seems to break me out a bit.

Here's what I'm looking for: A primer that will help to hold my foundation for a ridiculously long period of time, is brightening/luminating, hydrating and will not bring out fine lines and wrinkles and will not oxidize. Oh and it should be semi-reasonably priced too. Anything out there like that? Please share your favorite primer with me.



Saturday, November 6, 2010

Review: Stila Artist's Inspiration Palette and NARS Orgasm Lust Lip and Cheek Set + EOTD

I recently ordered online from Sephora two limited edition sets. The Stila set was a Special of the Week and the NARS set is just a limited edition item. I went into my local Sephora and they didn't have it instore, which is why I ended up purchasing it online. They are now available instore.

I decided to do an EOTD using these sets.

Products used:

MAC Samoa Silk (orange shade)
Stila Artist's Inspiration Palette--golightly, dapple and ebony
The colors in the palette are as follows: Top, from left to right--fluorescent green, ebony, electric pink (cheek color) and Bottom, from left to right--golightly, dapple, kitten
NARS Orgasm
K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner

I forgot to include this in the picture but I started off by using UDPP in Eden. I had tried it with Sin the day before but everything came out too shimmery.
Samoa Silk was used over entire contour area. dapple applied on inner eye from lashline to crease. golightly applied from just over middle of eye from lashline and blended upward and side to side above creaseline, right into the socket area. ebony was applied on the outer eyelid in "v" shape. I also used it to line the outer half of lower lashline. Blend everything to make sure that there are no significant color lines. Orgasm was used on brow bone as a highlighter. Line upper lashline and lower outer half of lashline with K-Palette eyeliner. That's it! Very simple.

I liked this Stila palette. The shadows are nicely pigmented, medium-soft and easy to apply and blend. Very much unlike the other palette sets that came out earlier, which I still have to review.

The NARS Orgasm Lust Lip and Cheek set was something that I decided to get since they are mini-sized items. The cheek set has Orgasm and Laguna and both contain .008 oz/2.5 g of product. The full-sized duo contains a total of .35 oz (the Sephora website says it's a limited edition item) and the full-sized blush contains .16 oz of product. I was a bit hesitant at first to try Orgasm because the description says that it has shimmer in it and I try to stay away from shimmer. Since this was a mini set, I decided that I don't mind spending some money on it and if I don't like it then I'm not stuck with a full-sized blush. Now I totally understand why this is a cult favorite! I love Orgasm! (hehe, that sounds a bit kinky!) It applies on very nicely, not overly pigmented that you have to go with a light hand. It really does give a nice flush of color and isn't so overly shimmery that I don't mind it at all. Teamed together with Laguna, it's a nice travel palette since it's small and has bronzer and blush in one. I will have to go and look at the limited edition full-sized product and decide if I want it. I really, really don't need any more blush though.

As for Orgasm lip gloss--I like the NARS lipglosses since they are not overly sticky, except for one that I tried recently. I can't remember which one it was--maybe Strawberry Fields? Anyway, this one was sooo super sticky that it felt like a sticker. Orgasm doesn't feel that way but I think that the color is just a wee bit too light for me. My lips are quite pigmented so this color kind of pales out my lips.

I've decided that I love being able to buy minis of products that I want to try out. If it turns out to be something that I love, I can buy it in a regular size.

Sorry that I haven't replied to comments made. It's been kind of busy on my end. I'll try to catch up soon.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Review: Stila One Step Correct and Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation

This is my first blog post using my new PC! It's a pain setting up a new PC because I don't have all of the of things that are on my old PC on this new one. I had backed everything up onto an external hard drive but it won't allow me to transfer it to this new PC. GRRR! I'm also trying to get used to this new OS--Windows 7. Some things have changed...T_T.

A couple of weeks ago I had gotten samples of both the Stila One Step Correct serum and Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation. I've used it for a significant amount of time that I feel comfortable giving this review.

Image from Sephora website

First up, Stila One Step Correct serum. Although it's a serum, it is supposed to act as a primer. A multi-colored cream which is supposed to color correct, prime and brighten all at the same time--sounds great doesn't it? While the concept is good, unfortunately it didn't work well at all on me. It feels nice and smooth going on but as I wore it throughout the day, it would oxidize horribly on me. At first I thought it might be the foundation that I was using and that might have been part of it but I ended up looking very awfully bronzey. Perhaps the worst part of it was that after using it for about a week, I noticed that my naked skin started looking really horrible. My skintone was way more uneven than before I started using it. I also think that my skin has chameleon properties because often times, my skin will take on the color properties of whatever I'm using. For example, if I'm using a foundation that is darker than my skintone, after time, my naked skin will look darker and vice versa. So with this Stila serum/primer, my skintone started to look blotchy and almost multi-colored! I also started breaking out just a little bit, something which will sometimes happen when I change my skin care routine and my skin has to adjust a bit.

Image from Sephora website

I also happened to use Lancome Teint Miracle foundation at the same time. I was really looking forward to this foundation and was so happy when it finally came out and I could get samples. This, too, was a disappointment for me. It says that it is supposed to last for 18 hours but it started fading on me after several hours. It also oxidized a bit and turned into a powdery finish, something that I don't like. As a result, I didn't feel that it was hydrating on me at all. Again, another product with a great concept but it wasn't compatible with my skin.

I am glad that I was able to try out both of these products and even more glad that it was samples and not purchased product.