Saturday, November 20, 2010


I rarely do OOTD posts because my daily wardrobe is pretty boring. Today Mai and I went into Waikiki (something which most locals don't do much) so I decided to dress up juuuust a little bit from my normal jeans and t-shirts. We actually went to see the recently opened Teddy Bear Museum and Sephora Waikiki. The Teddy Bear Museum was really cute and much better than I thought it would be. Maybe I'll do a separate post another time.

I actually got these main pieces to this OOTD only a day or two ago. They were from Macy's Jr.'s department on clearance so I got some bargains. The jeans are actually jean leggings. I couldn't decide between the small and the medium since the small was just a bit tight but with the lycra, it would stretch out throughout the day. The medium had just a little bit more "give" to it but was longer and a bit looser in the waist. I ended up buying the medium and washing and throwing it into the dryer on high heat and it shrunk to just right. I got these jeans leggings on clearance for $14.99 and by using my Macy's card, got an additional 10% off. The top was also from Macy's Jr. dept. on clearance. I did modify it a bit because it actually had a collar to it but it was a bit big, bulky and pointy. I folded the collar in and sewed it down and I like the look of it much better. It came with the matching belt and was only $9.99 plus the 10% discount. I am wearing a lace top lycra cami underneath since it is cut just a tad bit too low for my liking and that was from Nordstrom rack. I can't remember the exact price but it was somewhere around $10.00.

The boots were the most expensive part of this outfit. They are of a gray suede-like fabric. The heel is really quite low, which I like. It was quite comfortable except we did a LOT of walking so my toes and balls of my feet were starting to scream, even with the gel cushion for ball of foot that I inserted. (See the bit of blue in the boot.) I actually brought a pair of sandals just in case and it's a good thing that I did. The boots were purchased from The Slipper House and were $29.99. They are actually a girls' boot in a size 4. The sales clerk said that there was no way I would fit a girls' size but depending on the style of the shoe/sandal, I can.

Although it's not pictured, my purse was a pewter-colored bag with 4 large rosettes going across the top of it.

I hope that you're all having a lovely weekend!



K said...

Last time I was in Hawaii, it was WAY TOO HOT for me to be wearing jeans! I'm going to warn you in advance - I'll probably be wearing a t-shirt and shorts!

Brianna said...

Cute outfit! :)

Wow, I wish I could fit into a size 4, my feet are huge!

galpal.hi said...

@K--T-shirt and shorts are fine! I actually tan waaaay too easily so I like to wear long pants and covered shoes. I absolutely hate it when I get the slipper/flipflop/thong marks on my feet. I also used to wear shorts all the time with sneakers and socks and had "natural" socks and shoes with shorts line marks so I finally gave up and started to wear long pants. If I know that I'm going to be out in the sun (for example a soccer game) I also usually wear a long-sleeved shirt. Sounds weird but it actually does feel cooler to wear long jeans and long-sleeved t-shirts instead of having the sun beat down on your bare skin.


galpal.hi said...

@Brianna--Thank you! Sometimes it's nice to be on the tiny-er side and other times it's not so great. It can be just as difficult to find smaller sizes as it is to find bigger sizes. Aaahhhh to be a happy medium...


BV said...

Hi Kat

I think your outfit is super cute! I have a confession... I sometimes buy children's shoes also! I am a size 37 which I think is average size but I guess some kids have larger tootsies. I think I wear junior size 5 - your feet look very cute and small though!

galpal.hi said...

@BV--Thank you! I'm glad to hear that someone else buy's childrens' shoes too. I have a confession too--I will buy girls' clothes too if the fit and look are right. It's usually cheaper too.


astrorainfall @ beauty box said...

I love those boots....very nice...too bad they hurt your feet. New shoes are like that, aren't they?

galpal.hi said...

@astrorainfall--Thank you! I love those boots. They are comfortable enough to wear if you're not going to be doing a whole lot of walking. Yes, hopefully they can get broken into so that they are comfy for way longer periods of time.