Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Review: Stila One Step Correct and Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation

This is my first blog post using my new PC! It's a pain setting up a new PC because I don't have all of the of things that are on my old PC on this new one. I had backed everything up onto an external hard drive but it won't allow me to transfer it to this new PC. GRRR! I'm also trying to get used to this new OS--Windows 7. Some things have changed...T_T.

A couple of weeks ago I had gotten samples of both the Stila One Step Correct serum and Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation. I've used it for a significant amount of time that I feel comfortable giving this review.

Image from Sephora website

First up, Stila One Step Correct serum. Although it's a serum, it is supposed to act as a primer. A multi-colored cream which is supposed to color correct, prime and brighten all at the same time--sounds great doesn't it? While the concept is good, unfortunately it didn't work well at all on me. It feels nice and smooth going on but as I wore it throughout the day, it would oxidize horribly on me. At first I thought it might be the foundation that I was using and that might have been part of it but I ended up looking very awfully bronzey. Perhaps the worst part of it was that after using it for about a week, I noticed that my naked skin started looking really horrible. My skintone was way more uneven than before I started using it. I also think that my skin has chameleon properties because often times, my skin will take on the color properties of whatever I'm using. For example, if I'm using a foundation that is darker than my skintone, after time, my naked skin will look darker and vice versa. So with this Stila serum/primer, my skintone started to look blotchy and almost multi-colored! I also started breaking out just a little bit, something which will sometimes happen when I change my skin care routine and my skin has to adjust a bit.

Image from Sephora website

I also happened to use Lancome Teint Miracle foundation at the same time. I was really looking forward to this foundation and was so happy when it finally came out and I could get samples. This, too, was a disappointment for me. It says that it is supposed to last for 18 hours but it started fading on me after several hours. It also oxidized a bit and turned into a powdery finish, something that I don't like. As a result, I didn't feel that it was hydrating on me at all. Again, another product with a great concept but it wasn't compatible with my skin.

I am glad that I was able to try out both of these products and even more glad that it was samples and not purchased product.



BV said...

I have read reviews on the Stila product. I have read at least 2 rave reviews... but I was unwilling to believe them! Guffaw.

Nah, I think I'll stick to the BBs...

Thanks for this!
PS Bit disappointed re: Lancome. I guess they needn't rush out and get that patent slapped on it...

Brianna said...

The corrector sounds so nice, sad it didn't work out.

I have read alot about the lancome foundation and have wanted to try it, but I haven't been wearing foundation these days so I haven't bothered to try it out yet.

ashura said...

ohohoh I heard alot about the foundation too and I almost got it today! Got the M.A.C cream compact foundation instead. Hmmm from cream to power... might work for Singapore's weather!

Nic Nic said...

thanks for the review on the lancome foundation.. i was thinking of checking this out.. now i can save my pennies!