Thursday, August 1, 2013

Using My Stash--June & July

I still haven't even looked into replacing my desktop computer but I have some free time so decided to do a blog post from a laptop. I'm really sad that I had a whole bunch of pictures all set up and ready to be able to do blog posts on my desktop but they are now inaccessible.

I haven't used up much in the last couple of months and there are a couple of products that I wanted to do blog posts on but will have to wait until I can retrieve my pictures from the dead PC hard drive or take new ones.


Naïve Body Wash and Naïve Facial Cleansing Foam. Both are my favorites although I have to admit that right now I am using Dr. Brommer's liquid soap for bathing.

Skin Care:

Hada Labo UV Whitening Emulsion, Noevir Extra Moisture Cream and DHC Q Lotion. I REALLY liked the Hada Labo sunscreen. It didn't feel like a sunscreen but felt like a lotion. I'll have to look into getting more of this as I like it as much or perhaps even better than Noevir Raysela. Noevir Extra Moisture Cream is something that I can't do without in colder weather conditions. Right now it is so hot and muggy that I don't have a need for it but will definitely be picking up a new jar in a month or two. DHC Q Lotion (toner) is something that was picked up from Japan for me. I really like it a lot and will consider getting more but I do have other lotions in my stash right now.


Wunderbrow, Super Quick Eyebrow--WP, Dior brush and MAC eyeshadow pro palette in Electra. Wunderbrow is one of the items in which I wanted to do a review and have pictures on my defunct PC. I really like it and am using my 2nd tube. I threw away the packaging for the eyebrow so I'm not sure what brand it is but it is from Japan. I was using it in conjunction with Wunderbrow but think (at least I hope) I've mastered Wunderbrow that I don't need the eyebrow pencil. I've had the Dior eyeshadow brush for a few years now and the tip of it is all ragged. I guess that it's time to give it up. Don't think that I'll buy a Dior replacement as I have other brushes that function just as well. MAC Electra has been a staple in my everyday makeup. I've had this pan for years. Although I haven't replaced it yet, I will definitely be doing so. Just wish that I could use my Back-To-MAC items to pick up pro palette pans.

How is everyone's summer going so far? Mine has been wonderful since family is all together.