Thursday, August 1, 2013

Using My Stash--June & July

I still haven't even looked into replacing my desktop computer but I have some free time so decided to do a blog post from a laptop. I'm really sad that I had a whole bunch of pictures all set up and ready to be able to do blog posts on my desktop but they are now inaccessible.

I haven't used up much in the last couple of months and there are a couple of products that I wanted to do blog posts on but will have to wait until I can retrieve my pictures from the dead PC hard drive or take new ones.


Naïve Body Wash and Naïve Facial Cleansing Foam. Both are my favorites although I have to admit that right now I am using Dr. Brommer's liquid soap for bathing.

Skin Care:

Hada Labo UV Whitening Emulsion, Noevir Extra Moisture Cream and DHC Q Lotion. I REALLY liked the Hada Labo sunscreen. It didn't feel like a sunscreen but felt like a lotion. I'll have to look into getting more of this as I like it as much or perhaps even better than Noevir Raysela. Noevir Extra Moisture Cream is something that I can't do without in colder weather conditions. Right now it is so hot and muggy that I don't have a need for it but will definitely be picking up a new jar in a month or two. DHC Q Lotion (toner) is something that was picked up from Japan for me. I really like it a lot and will consider getting more but I do have other lotions in my stash right now.


Wunderbrow, Super Quick Eyebrow--WP, Dior brush and MAC eyeshadow pro palette in Electra. Wunderbrow is one of the items in which I wanted to do a review and have pictures on my defunct PC. I really like it and am using my 2nd tube. I threw away the packaging for the eyebrow so I'm not sure what brand it is but it is from Japan. I was using it in conjunction with Wunderbrow but think (at least I hope) I've mastered Wunderbrow that I don't need the eyebrow pencil. I've had the Dior eyeshadow brush for a few years now and the tip of it is all ragged. I guess that it's time to give it up. Don't think that I'll buy a Dior replacement as I have other brushes that function just as well. MAC Electra has been a staple in my everyday makeup. I've had this pan for years. Although I haven't replaced it yet, I will definitely be doing so. Just wish that I could use my Back-To-MAC items to pick up pro palette pans.

How is everyone's summer going so far? Mine has been wonderful since family is all together.



Jenni said...

This is not the first time you mentioned Noevir but i just noticed it's available in a local chain supermarket!! I'm gonna try that out next time :D

and I heard Dr. Bronner's soaps are quite natural & effective too!

p.s. you actually finished quite a lot of products btw!

Beauty Box said...

I love Dr Bronner! :) Japan has green tea, cherry blossom, and jasmine & sandalwood which can't be found in the US.

If you need help getting the Hada Labo whitening sunscreen - I'll be happy to post it to you! I love that sunscreen you said, it's so lightweight and like a lotion.

Good job hitting pan on a MAC eyeshadow...I don't think I'll ever be able to do that, unless I stop buying eyeshadow for the next foreseeable future haha!