Wednesday, September 4, 2013

NOTD/Purchase Review: Sensationail Gel Nail

I think that I'm finally back to normal life schedule. I also finally got my new computer to replace my dead one. I've been itching to blog but since I lost all of my pictures which were on my old computer, I had to start taking new pictures. Since I'm so anxious to do a blog post, I'm doing a NOTD type of post, although my polish application technique is something awful.

I had been looking into DIY gel nails and reading reviews on various products out there. I was thinking of getting the Sally Hansen one until I read about how small the LED lamp is. While my daughter-in-law was here visiting, she ended up buying Sally Hansen gel nail strips not realizing until after she got home that you need an LED lamp. This was just the motivation that I needed to go and buy one. I decided to get Sensational by Nailene.

I bought the starter kit, which was great. I also like the fact that the lamp is small but can do 4 nails at a time and then you do your thumb. The instructions are simple and basic application is easy to do. I decided to be adventurous on this first time around (not a good idea) and try to do a gradient nail, like I've done in the past with regular nail polish.

After nail prep and base coat, I applied the 1st coat using a pale pink shade. You really can't see it well.

I then tried (key word is "tried") to apply a really light coat of the darker pink shade slightly higher than the pale pink shade. And then I tried to do another light coat of the same pink shade slightly higher than the previous one.

I then applied a silver glitter shade, which I tried to lightly apply to blend out the various layers. Topped with top coat and did the finishing step.

Between each coat of polish, you need to "set" it under the LED lamp. For the base/top coat, it's 30 seconds, for the color polishes it's 1 minute. I really liked that it doesn't take much time under the lamp and the polish sets and dries. For me, it's a real plus because I almost always end up smudging my nails because they aren't completely dried.

I also bought the gel polish removal starter kit. It's great to have although not completely necessary.

I love the look of the gel nails. It was easy to do. I love how the polish seems to last on me without chipping for at least a week. Regular nail polish manicures have tip wear and/or chips by the next day. I don't like that this brand doesn't have a huge shade variety. I would have liked to have more shade variations to make a nicer gradient nail. I think that next time I should use eyeglasses to see better and do a cleaner application. The polish removal is a bit of a humbug.

I really want to find a source for gel nail polish that has a nice selection of colors as well as a clear with holographic glitters. If any readers know of any sources, please share with me.

I can't believe that it's September already! I hope you all had a great summer.



K said...

Love the nails! I need to post mine up as well...

galpal.hi said...

@K--I'm looking forward to seeing your post and read your thoughts on gel nail polish and LED lamps.