Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Purchase Review: Maybelline Mineral Powder Foundation

As with many places, this summer has been quite hot and humid. Wearing the foundations that I had normally been wearing wasn't working out as it would melt off. In the past I had used Bare Minerals foundation and loved it until it started emphasizing the signs of aging, mainly fine lines. I was worried about purchasing it and not liking it so I decided to go the inexpensive route and chose Maybelline Mineral Powder Foundation. If I didn't like it, then I wouldn't feel so badly about not using it.

I must say that I liked it a lot! I was surprised by how nicely it sat on my skin. I felt that it gave decent coverage and held up for most of the day. I only had to touch up under my eyes and my nose, which is normally what I have to do anyway--usually at the 8 hour mark. I decided to and give Bare Minerals a try but was disappointed that I couldn't find a good color match and it seemed to bring out my fine lines. Since I'm going to be using this powder foundation only for the summer, I decided to stick with Maybelline. The color that I originally got was Natural Ivory, which was slightly too light. I went and picked up Nude but that was a little too dark so I mixed the two and found it blended to a nice match. The two Maybelline foundations still came out to less that I would have paid for Bare Minerals so it's a win for me. The only downside is the brush that is included. It's a bit scratchy and I prefer to use the brushes in my collection.

I can't wait for it to cool down a bit.



Blair said...

Thankfully you found a match (even though you had to mix them up!). Western foundations are usually too pink for me (I must be extremely yellow toned!).

What foundation will you turn to when the weather cools?

galpal.hi said...

@Blair--I find Asian foundations to be too yellow for me, despite the fact that I am Asian.

I'm going back to using liquid foundations. From the very low end Wet N Wild to the higher end Clarins and Chanel.