Friday, September 20, 2013

Quick Update to Gel Nail Manicure

This is just a quick update to the "new" gel nail manicure that I posted about here.

It is now two weeks since I did the manicure and I'm happy to report that there is no tip wear or chipping. However, it did start to lift at the cuticle line and peeled a bit just before I took pictures.

Overall, I'm really happy using gel nail polish. It stands up to my nail abuse. I have really soft nails, which bend and tear easily. Using gel nail polish helps to strengthen my nails so that they can grow longer.



K said...

Great to hear! I 'm still working on my nails... Mine don't last 2 weeks though, they lift at the cuticles at around 1 week. What brand of polish are you using?

Brianna said...

Very cute. I think I may need to try at home gel manicures!