Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Gift Review: Nature Republic Super Origin CC Cream Color Change

When my friends returned from Korea, they brought back Nature Republic Super Origin CC Cream Color Change for me to try.

It is a Complete Control cream that offers skin care benefits as well as makeup benefits. This is an advanced multi control cream that will improve the appearance and texture of your skin tone by smoothing it out. There are color capsules in it that will burst when you rub the cream on and it will match to your natural skin color.

My thoughts on it:

It comes in your standard tube that has a pump dispenser.

I like that you can easily control how much to dispense.

The cream itself, comes out white, which surprised me even if it does say "color change".

Fortunately after I rubbed it into my skin, it didn't stay white but did seem to color correct to my skin tone.

Here I've applied the cream to my face (the right side in the picture).

It seems like it's blending in nicely.

This is the cc cream applied to my whole face.

It looks nice but is slightly lighter than my natural skin tone. I don't mind that since foundations, BB creams, etc. all seem to oxidize on me so I normally will apply a foundation that is slightly lighter. Unfortunately, this didn't oxidize on my at all and it stayed too light on me. I have to admit that I didn't rub in the cream but stippled it on but I think that it would have still made the color capsules burst.

Other than it being a little too light for me, this cc cream was really nice. It lasted with over 8 hours of wear and it was a really humid day. It gives nice, buildable coverage. I think that I'll try mixing it with Clinique's CC cream, which oxidizes on me so much that I get way too dark. I just have to get it back from Mai.

Has anyone else tried this CC cream? If so, what are your thoughts on it?



Anonymous said...

There's a big Nature Republic store in Waikiki, have you been? I'm not a fan of cc creams, but i like bb creams

galpal.hi said...

@Anonymous--No, I haven't been there. I don't really like going into Waikiki so it's not easily accessible to me. My friends go to Korea all the time so they can easily pick things up. She has gone to Nature Republic Waikiki and was surprised that the prices are not much higher than purchasing in Korea. They have actually purchased things from Nature Republic before they opened up here and so I've used the brand before. To be quite honest, I'm not impressed by the items that I'd repurchase any.


Beauty Box said...

What an interesting product - little beads that burst upon application! The finish looks good on you. I am wondering about how Korean CC creams are catching up since they started the whole BB trend. What shade do you use for the Clinique CC cream? You got me very interested in it!

Jason Kim said...


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