Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Quick Poll

Hi everyone! I'm still alive! Sorry for the long delay in doing a blog post but it's been pretty crazy here. First of all, my computer died and it took awhile before I got a technician to come to fix it. Unfortunately, it was doing this period that my blogging juices started to flow but I couldn't blog. My computer finally got fixed--my motherboard needed to be replaced.

Next up is that things fell into place and I've been up and running with planning, shopping and more planning. I will be going to Japan soon! I hate all of the preparations that come with going abroad but I'm looking foward to seeing my son, daughter-in-law and grandson in Japan.

Today is a quick blog post that is a poll. I have been into foundations lately and put aside BB creams. I received a new BB cream that I was curious to try and decided to play with my 2 favorite BB creams along with this new one. I am not naming any brands right now but wanted to find out which one my readers think matches my skin tone the best.

If you don't mind, please let me know in the comment which one you think is the best match for me. Sorry, I'm using my mom's mini netbook right now to practice since I'm taking it with me on my trip so the numbering on the picture doesn't show up well. It's numbered from 1 - 3, from the top to bottom.

As a side note, for the month of April I will not be blogging much as I will be busy with my trip.