Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kat's Gone Eyeshadow Crazy + EOTD

I've mentioned that I've failed miserably this month with my "no buy" plan. I made more purchases the other day and yesterday. I was in Target and saw these e.l.f. eyeshadow palettes and one especially caught my eye. I hadn't tried this brand before and considering that you get 32 eyeshadows for only $4.81 USD (including tax), it's really inexpensive. My only concern is that really inexpensive, drugstore brands can be just that--cheap, poor quality products. I decided to try it anyway since it was so inexpensive and if it was bad, I wouldn't feel terrible dumping it. The palette that caught my eye was the Beauty School Eyeshadow Palette Volume II.

It is predominantly a cool-toned palette, which is my favorite as I tend to look tired and washed out with warm tones.

The last few days have been really sunny and hot, a typical tropical, sunny day in Hawaii. For yesterday's EOTD, I decided to go with that tropical feel, doing something that is a little out of the ordinary for me. I used the last 3 colors in the top row and the two yellowish colors in the bottom row. Unfortunately, yesterday ended up being overcast and rainy in the morning and overcast and humid in the afternoon.

I normally like to use at least one color that is much darker than what I used in this EOTD for a smokey effect because I think that I look a little washed out if I don't. Even without having done my usual smokey look, I think that it came out okay--it's summer so a cooler eye is fine, don't you think? I added some Gokubuto mascara to help darker my eyes just a little bit. I paired it with pinky/peach cheeks. Feeling that my eye makeup was lighter than usual, I went with a little brighter lip color--Dior Addict in Diorkiss. The eye makeup looks a little muted in the pictures than it was in person. In person, it was actually much brighter.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the e.l..f. eyeshadows were soft, although not buttery soft like Urban Decay. The shadows are nicely pigmented and blend nicely. I also didn't experience any fallout.  I have bought and tried Revlon's quad eyeshadow palette and it was hard and didn't blend easily. I didn't like it. Even though I used this palette only this one time, I was so impressed with it that I went back to pick up more. I got 2 Beauty School Eyeshadow Palette Volume I, which is more of a warm-toned palette, although it does have some lovely plum colors and also picked up two more Volume II palettes. The net weight of these palettes is 1.1 oz/32 g.

I also picked up Little Black Beauty Book Volume II which has 48 color pans in it. The price on it was the same as the Beauty School palettes. The net weight of this set is 1.1 oz/32 g. Sorry, I took the picture of this set in the box as it would have been difficult to take it out of the box. I didn't want to open the box since I will not be using it.

While I'm not sure about the Little Black Beauty Book set, for the Beauty School palette, the cover has a mirror which covers approximately 1/3 of the cover. The only negative thing that I can say at this point is that the cover will not open up and lay flat. The palette will open up to only a 90 degree angle (with 180 degrees letting it lie flat). Since the mirror is on the top edge of the cover, it is top heavy.

I do not know what I will do with all of these eyeshadow palettes that I purchased. I just had to buy them as I know that products in Target disappear quickly.  I will probably give one to Mai. If anyone who is not able to get e.l.f. products easily, please let me know if you want to purchase anything.

I also was able to pick up my Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow palette from Sephora. It is a gorgeous palette with mainly cool-toned colors.The case sits in a purple velveteen box. The case is shiny metal which is a fingerprint magnet but is oh, so pretty! You can pop out the eyeshadow layer and the bottom layer of the case is lined in the same purple velveteen fabric. Beautiful!

My only complaint...there is no way that I can depot the eyeshadows because the eyeshadow wells are not separate pans, it is all one piece from what I can see. It is so pretty that I am enjoying looking at the shadows for now. I will summon up the courage to use this beautiful palette sometime in the near future.


Friday, July 29, 2011

June and July Brush of the Month

Still trying to catch up on belated posts here. Are you getting tired of seeing a post every day?

Today I'm combining my June and July brush purchase of the month. It happens to be MAC-themed.

For June, I decided to purchase two brushes which badly needed replacing. MAC 212 & 224.

I took my old brushes in because I couldn't even read the numbers any more. The SA looked at them in shock and asked me how do I store my brushes. I told her don't worry, they were about 10 years old. She looked so relieved and said that they consider the life span of their brushes to be about 10 years. I use the 212 to apply Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. The 272 I use mainly as a blender brush to blend together the various colors of my eyeshadows for the day.

July's brushes happen to come from the Semi Precious collection so they are limited edition. MAC 128 and 234.

I use 128 to apply highlighter to my cheeks. I find that it works well with Maquillage Face Creator since picking up the highlighter color can be difficult on such a small palette. I actually place the brush down in the center color and drag it down and across into the highlighter color. 234 I use as an eyeshadow brush. I'm going to have to try it out with some of the pigment powders that I got from Nic Nic and from Winnie. It's supposed to work well with those since it is a duo-fiber brush.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

EOTD From a Mini Haul

A couple of posts back, I mentioned how I miserably failed this month at my "no buy" status. My packages--yes packages--have started arriving and I was most excited by the one that I received from Cosme-De.Com.

They were having a special for customers who pay using PayPal--10% off your purchases! I don't know how long this special will be running but I believe that it's still ongoing. I decided to purchase my first ever Jill Stuart Eyeshadow Palette since it would work out to be a good deal. I got Jill Stuart Illuminance Eyes in 08 Dazzling Moon.

It is a beautiful palette with colors that I really like.

Here's a quick EOTD that I did today using the palette. The only other items used were UDPP in Sin, K-Palette eyeliner and a touch of Gokubuto mascara.

I had heard that Jill Stuart eyeshadows may be overly glittery and not as well pigmented as other brands. I think that pigmentation for most Japanese brands are on the lighter side. It was a bit of a worry for me as I like my shadows to be well pigmented. I am happy to say that the last two colors, which are the prettiest, are nicely pigmented. The shadows are on the glittery side but still quite wearable for me. I am so happy that I purchased this palette.

I also received an order from Sasa, which was Face Q masks and something else that I need to trial before I do a review on it. I also just received my iMomoko order, which was just replacing some staples that I'm running low on. Still awaiting 3 more packages--Sephora (I got the 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette!), Shu Uemura (because they have free shipping) and Haute Look, my first ever purchase from them although I signed up a long time ago. I can't remember if there was anything else.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2011 Half Year Disappointments

Today's post is my 2011 half year disappointments. Again, please remember that this is my own personal opinion. What is a disappointment to me may be an awesome product for you. I'm happy if it works for you.

There actually isn't too much. Either I'm getting good at purchasing items that I like, I've been lucky in my purchases or perhaps it's just that I'm trying really hard to use my stash and my stash has products that I like and use. I will admit that my stash has lots and lots of products that I've never tried before too.

Hair Care:

Ascience Shine Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner. I had read several blogs where this was a well-loved product so it was quite a disappointment to me that it didn't work out. I love the smell and I do love the end result. Unfortunately, it's way too rich for my scalp and I develop little bumps on my scalp that don't itch but can be a bit painful.

Skin Care:

Bliss--The Youth As We Know It Cleanser. Yes, this was a moisturizing cleanser which is a good thing. Unfortunately, it doesn't lather. I like lather, it makes me feel like I'm getting cleansed. I do realize that it's a mental thing more than anything else and that in reality, lathering properties are not that good.

Body Care:

Philosophy Candy Cane Foaming Bubble Bath and Shower Gel, pictured. In general, I have to say that I don't care for Philosophy Foaming Bubble Bath and Shower Gels. I think that for me the main problem the bottle that it comes in. It's a really firm bottle and difficult to squeeze. On top of that, the product is quite thick, which makes it even more difficult to squeeze out.

Supergoop SPF30 Sunscreen Wipes. I really liked the fact that this was towelette wipes. It was easy to keep in the car and have handy access to it whenever I needed to apply more sunscreen as the hours of the day wore on. Unfortunately, there is something in this product that makes me break out in prickly rash. It took weeks before my skin was nice and smooth again. During that interim, my skin looked really dry and flakey. The funny thing is that it's formulated with zinc for sensitive skin. The Noevir Raysela sunscreen that I use is also formulated with zinc but I have no problems with it.


Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Lipstick in PK 375. Since Shu Uemura is no longer sold in stores in the U.S., I had to order this online. Finding a color when ordering online is difficult and unfortunately, I don't like this color much. I was also quite surprised that the casing that the lipstick is housed in feels quite flimsy. Disappointing to me if you're paying over $20.00 for a lipstick.

MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Impressive. I was hoping that this would be a sheer, moisturizing lipstick. Unfortunately it's not sheer and actually feels a bit heavy.

Both of these should have been included in the blog sale but weren't so it'll be added in the near future.

Were any of these disappointments to you as well?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

2011 Half Year Favorites

I'm trying to catch up with a lot of my posts. This one is a little late but better late than never--right?

As I did last year, I'm doing half-year favorites. I know that many bloggers do monthly favorites but I don't think that I could manage doing a post like that every month.

What I haven't included are my staples. Since they are my staples, it's pretty much understood that those would be favorites. I'll list my staples but no picture: K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner, NARS Orgasm blush, Mezaik Double Eyelid Stretch Fiber, Neutrogena Makeup Remover Towelettes, Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion and Noevir Raysela Sunscreen.

Hair Care:

Neuma Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner and Alterna Bamboo Luminous Shine Shampoo and Conditioner. I had been using both but preferred the Neuma Line before I cut my hair. My hair was pretty damaged so it was helpful in taming down the frizzies and providing much needed moisture to my dry, damaged hair. This line includes using Argan Treatment and Moisture Cream. I would alternate with Alterna because it would help to give my hair some volume. Now that I have cut my hair into a shorter length, I prefer having more volume with this style and I also cut off most of the damaged hair so I pretty much stick with the Alterna line. This line includes Dry Kendi Oil Mist and Brilliance Cream. I love the scent too! Pictured here is the travel size bottles

Skin Care:

Three of these items were gifts--Mannan Peeling Gel, Naive Aloe Foaming Face Wash and Face Q Mask. The fourth item is Shiseido Bio-Performance Super Corrective Serum.

Mannan Peeling Gel really makes my face feel nice and smooth. It's a great exfoliating gel and following up with a mask is a perfect combination. Naive Aloe Foaming Face Wash is one of those face washes that don't make my skin feel really taut after washing. It smoothes out my skin and feels great. I got two different "flavors" of Face Q mask. I used one and loved it! I recently put in an order with Sasa, which will arrive soon. Since I put in an order with Sasa, I guess that I don't have to hoard this one mask any more. Shiseido Bio-Perfomance Super Corrective Serum has collagen in it. I think that it makes my skin feel nice and hydrated and seems to really smooth out my skin. I'm going to have to purchase a full-sized bottle of this when I use up on of the other serums that I using now.


Featured in this picture are brushes all from Sonia Kashuk. Thanks to K of cosmeddicted, I discovered this line of brushes. It's pricing is mid-range if you compare it between e.l.f. and MAC. It has really nice quality and I'm thinking of adding to my collection. (This isn't all of the brushes that I have from SK but I didn't include the few others that I have.)


Most of these were acquired either at the end of last year or within the first half of this year. Pictured above is Missha BB Boomer, Hada Labo BB Cream (gift), Lise Watier Concealer Wheel (gift), Dermablend Cover Creme, Puff de Cheek blush (gift), Meteorite Peals in Teint Rose 01, Physician's Formula Eye Booster, Maquillage Face Creator (I have two different ones although only 1 is pictured), and Visee Brilliance Forming Eyes A-1 (gift). As you can see, just about half of these were gifts.

Missha BB Boomer is a really nice primer and relatively inexpensive too. Hada Labo BB Moist Cream--I love, love, love this BB cream! It's hydrating and provides excellent coverage. Lise Watier Concealer Wheel has different concealers for different problem areas. I was so glad that this works out nicely in covering some of my stubborn dark spots. Dermablend Cover Creme is a heavy duty concealer and works well in covering my stubborn dark spots. Puff de Cheek is a blush that I'm really liking. It's not too heavily pigmented, which is good because I have a heavy hand and the color can be built up nicely. I actually bought Meteorite Pearls at least a year ago only because I thought that it was so pretty. Only recently have I started using powder to set my foundations again and find that is a fine powder and doesn't seem to settle into and bring out fine lines. Maquillage Face Creator is really a nice product that helps to subtly sculpt your face and bring out your cheekbones for when you want more definition. Physician's Formula Eye Booster. I actually have two of these, one in black and one in clear. It's an eyeliner pen but has lash-boosting ingredients which help your eyelashes become fuller and longer. I prefer the clear since I can put it on at night before I go to sleep (if I remember). The black one I would use during the day as an eyeliner but really do prefer my K-Palette. Visee Brilliance Forming Eyes has been a palette that I had been reaching for often lately. A nice neutral palette. I feel that the colors run on the cooler side, which works out better for my skin tone. (Warmer brown colors tend to make me look tired.)


I know that this sounds a little weird to be putting in this post but there's a connection to beauty and health. These are Sketchers Shape-Ups. If you don't know what Shape-Ups are, they are shoes that have a curved bottom. The purpose for this is to burn more calories, tone muscles and improve posture.  It is also supposed to improve posture, improve circulation, reduce joint stress, strengthen the back, firm buttock muscles, tone and firm thigh muscles, firm calf muscles. Sounds too good to be true, right? I started wearing these shoes almost 3 years ago. At first it felt strange but I got used to it and it did seem to help a bit with toning my muscles. Of course over the past 3 years, the shoes have been replaced as I use them every day at work and I don't sit unless I'm driving. With the last pair that I got, my feet started hurting, especially my ankles and heels. At first it would happen when I woke up in the mornings and then it started after I got home and took the shoes off. (The pain isn't a constant pain, only after I've not been on my feet and then I get up to walk--perhaps the beginnings of plantar fasciitis?) What I didn't realize (and it could be something that was released after I first started wearing them) is that there are extended fitness shoes in which it is designed for those who are on their feet for long periods of time. I believe that the bottom of the shoe is less tall. Well, at the beginning of this month, I decided to switch back to regular athletic shoes. My feet hurt less after getting home and waking up in the morning, so I was pretty satisfied with the switch--until yesterday. Over the course of the last week, I've noticed that my weight seemed to be picking up, which actually is a bit normal for me during the summers. Yesterday, I had trouble getting my jeans on and it really bothered me and made me start wondering why because I haven't been eating much and I had been doing a bit more walking. The most noticeable was that it was tight in the thigh and abdomen areas. It then dawned on me that the only real change that I made recently is to stop wearing the Shape Ups and that perhaps it was really working more than I thought. I decided that I needed to go and get me a pair of the extended fitness shoes, which is what is pictured above. I'm hoping that I won't have the pain problems that I was having with the regular Shape Ups. I guess that even if I do, it'll still be better than me being less toned. Although I purchased these new shoes just yesterday, which would make it fall into the 2nd half of 2011, I put it into this post because I had been using Shape Ups from way earlier.

I hope that you found this interesting. Next post will probably be half-year disappointments.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Using My Stash

Over the last several months, I have used up more of my stash.

Noevir: Raysela Face Sunscreen, Perfecting Eye Cream, Protecting Skin Cream, 105 Herbal Enriched Moisturizer
These products are pretty much standard in my skin care regime so they will definitely be replaced, if they haven't already. As a matter of fact, I keep a supply of the Protecting Skin Cream and Raysela Sunscreen. The only item that I haven't replaced yet is the eye cream as I have other eye creams in my stash that I need to use.

Lush: Happy Hippy Shower Gel sample
I really liked this shower gel. I will definitely consider getting a full-sized bottle but only after I make some kind of dent in my supply of shower gels.

Avon: Naturals Cherry Blossom Shower Gel
This was just okay so I won't be repurchasing. I actually was helping out someone who was starting out selling Avon and it was only $.99, which is why I made the purchase. She is not selling Avon any more so I don't feel like I need to seek out an Avon Rep to make a purchase.

Urban Decay: Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Sin
I already repurchased this and it's in the new squeeze tube!

Shiseido: Bio-Performance Super Corrective Serum, travel size
I actually really liked this and am seriously considering purchasing a full-size bottle of it. I have several serums that are half way or more used so I'll wait until I use up one of those first.

Nature Republic: Lemon Foam Cleanser
I don't have easy access to Nature Republic so won't repurchase. I actually didn't care too much for this anyway and ended up using it as a body wash although I think it was a face wash.

Sana:  Nameraka Isoflavone Lotion (toner)
This was okay as a toner. This was actually the last full-sized bottle of toner that I have in my stash (any brand) but I do have a lot of travel/mini-sized ones in various brands that I will use first. I'm not too particular about my toners as long as it isn't drying.

Equate: Facial Cleansing Towelettes
This came as a 3-pack so I have another pack to use. I actually do not use these to remove makeup from my face as I use Neutrogena ones instead. They are my HG. I use these (or whatever is the absolute cheapest) to remove foundation from my hand. When I apply foundation/bb cream, I squeeze/pour/pump it out onto the side/back of my hand. I then use my foundation brush to pick up the product and apply it to my face. The residue is cleaned off with half of a towelette. I cut the sheets in half because I don't need a full sheet to clean my hand.

One good thing about using my stash is that I'm rediscovering products that I stopped using, for whatever reason. Probably because I got a new product that I wanted to try. You would think that my stash looks like it's shrinking. Unfortunately that is not the case. My "use my stash and don't buy" has been a major, major fail this month.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Quick EOTD and Thank You

I had been wanting the "perfect" shade of violet and wasn't having much luck finding it. I finally found it--Urban Decay's Flash. I had actually seen Flash before but always thought that it was much darker than I wanted. I swatched it on Friday and it actually comes out lighter than it looks in the pan and it's my "perfect" violet shade! You don't know just how excited I was to discover this.

This EOTD is done using just about all Urban Decay products. UDPP in Sin, Flash, Psychedelic Sister, Rockstar and Perversion eyeshadows. K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner was used too.

The one thing that I did was to line the outer corner of my lower lashline with K-Palette and then I topped it with Flash. I loved the result. It reminds me of when a kazillion years ago there was a Lancome eyeliner pencil in a violet shade which I really loved. It has long been discontinued and I can't even remember the name of the pencil. I used it over black liner and the end result was a combination that was great. The end result with using Flash over K-Palette is quite similar so I'm quite happy.

I also received another love package yesterday from a blogger who wishes to remain anonymous. Actually, she and I have exchanged packages a few times and she is really an awesome and generous person. Thank you "J.P." for the wonderful love package. I can't wait to try out the things you sent for me to try.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful week!


Saturday, July 23, 2011

More Love Packages!

I have been so blessed with getting to know all you lovely beauties. I received two love packages this past week!

Steph of susho spent a couple of months in Hong Kong and was so sweet to think of me. She sent me a wonderful package all the way from Hong Kong!

I'm in mask heaven! There are so many wonderful masks here and pretty much all of them I haven't ever tried before. Included is the elusive MDB/HK Strawberry Milk Mask. I was able to purchase the Honey Strawberry mask but not the Strawberry Milk one. It's going to be difficult to decide whether or not to open this one up. There's also Shills Super Magnetic attraction Peel-off Mask. This sounds so very interesting and I can't wait to try this one day. Ecotte Artist Two Eyes shadow. It comes in a really pretty box and the container itself is so pretty too. If I ever use up this eyeshadow, I'm keeping the container and will use it for something else--it's that pretty! A whole bunch of candies! I love them. Lastly, Wonder Eyelid Tape. I do use the Mezaik Stretch Fiber and haven't ever tried any tapes. She wrote a note saying that she thinks it works better than the fiber. I'll definitely give this a try on a day when my eyelids are being particularly stubborn. Also included was a sweet note plus little notes on most of the products. So sweet!

Thank you so much Steph!

I also received a very sweet and awesome package from the lovely Tiffany of ROCKETEER. It was a thank you for the bb cream that I sent to her.

More wonderful masks! One can never have too many masks. There's even a hand mask, which I will definitely need to try out. M&M Pretzel (which is long gone) and a Lotte snack. Not sure what it is as I've never seen it before but I'm sure it'll be yummy. There's also a couple of sample packets. The Face Shop Color Shimmer Lipstick in RD302. It's my first item from The Face Shop! I love the lipstick tubing! The color is a bit darker than I've been wearing but I think that it'll be perfect for the fall and winter, especially for nights out. Tiffany, the next time you head there, can you please let me know? I might ask you to do a CP for me on a couple of other colors. Also included was a cute, sweet note on a Hello Kitty mini note card. I love Hello Kitty!

Thank you Tiffany! I think of you as my "mini me" (LOL!) as we have so much in common, even though I'm old enough to be your mom.

Please take the time to check out these two lovelies' blogs. I enjoy reading their posts and having gotten to know them through blogging. Both of them are very sweet, lovely and generous.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

EOTD with Step-by-Step Application (Pic Heavy)

I had written a couple of posts back that I did a swap/trade with someone and I received the NYX Champagne & Caviar Runway Collection Palette. I promised that I would do an EOTD with it. I actually did this about a week ago and thought that I would remember how I did it easily but it took me awhile to figure it out again.

NYX Champagne & Caviar Palette

Sorry, the picture got rotated

Other products used for the EOTD

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Sin
Dermablend Cover Cream in Chroma 2 1/2
Sephora Eyeshadow in sun-kissed N° 78
K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner

For about a month now, I've been doing my eye makeup before I apply my foundation. It has taken me awhile to get used to it because I'm so used to my face being done. (I liken it to a smooth, clean canvas.) However by doing my eye makeup first, it really helps if your shadows are really soft and tend to have a lot of fall out. This way you can easily clean up the scattered eyeshadow without messing up your already done face. Another bonus (and this is the real reason why I do it this way all the time) is that it gives my primer a good amount of time to set before apply foundation. I have found that my foundation/bb cream lasts throughout the day without having to be touched up or looking like it has done a lot of fading and/or sliding.

Primed with Sin

#2 applied over entire lid, #3 just under outer eyebrow

#1 on eyelid from lash line to crease

#4 applied from mid eye to outer corner from lash line to above crease line.
Oops, you can see the Mezaik fiber sticking out. Need to take care of it.

#5 applied to outer 1/4 of eyelid and blended upwards at corner

#6 applied to outer "v" corner and along upper lash line

Dermablend cover cream applied to under eye area

sun-kissed is used to set Dermablend cover cream. I then go ahead and apply
foundation as usual and set with Meteorite Pearls. I used Nanoce BB Cream today.

Finish off the EOTD by using #6 on outer corner of lower lash line.
Line upper lash line and lower outer corner of lash line with K-Palette.

I have read some reviews where people were complaining that the colors were all too similar. I agree but I feel that this really helps to do a seamless gradient color application that blends beautifully together. I think that this palette helps to create a neutral smokey eye which is suitable for any time.

I'm sure that some of you may be wondering why I used an eyeshadow to set the concealer. Although it's not obvious on the under eye area, I do have a couple of spots that I also conceal and when I use a powder to set, it is obvious that the area was concealed be cause there's a white spot. I've mentioned this before but a MUA told me that oftentimes for wedding makeup, they'll use an orange colored pencil or cream to conceal a spot because it doesn't show up as much. I tried that but I could see orange dots on my face. I decided to go ahead and use a peachy colored eyeshadow (or blush) to set the concealer instead. I think that this is a closer match to an individual's natural skin tone. This is just my own personal preference and I find that it works for me.

I hope that you enjoyed this EOTD. I haven't done an indepth EOTD like this in a long while.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gift Review: Puff de Cheek

Back in May, I had received the Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek in Peach Macaron from the very lovely and sweet Georgina of Coffretgorge.

It is packaged in a very cute tin and has the cutest puff applicator. In the picture, it looks like it's dark and orangey but in person, it's actually quite light and more of a pinky peach color. While the powder itself is not heavily pigmented, the color is buildable, which is really nice because it's difficult to end up with clown cheeks.

I think that this color is the perfect color for the summer. It goes on lightly and gives your cheeks a nice flush. I love pinks and this pinky peach color is really nice. If I ever, ever run out of blush, which doesn't seem likely at this point, I would love to collect more of these. I think that it's a nice addition to anyone's blush collection. Besides, it is so cute to look at!

Thank you Georgina for this very lovely gift! I'm really loving it!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Trade Packages and a Love Package Received

In the last couple of days, I received two packages that in exchange for items I sent out.

The first one that I got was a trade that I worked out for the Physician's Formula Happy Booster Blush that I had on blog sale. I honestly didn't know what I wanted so I asked her to just send me anything. What I received was the NYX Runway Collection 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette in Champagne & Caviar.

It is a gorgeous neutral palette. I do have UD Naked Palette but this is quite different from the Naked Palette. The colors in the Naked palette run on the warm side and the colors in this palette are on the cool side, which actually suits my skin tone better. I've already used it a couple of times and really like it. I'll post an EOTD soon. Thank you so much Alvira for doing the trade and I hope that my package arrives there soon!

About a month or so ago, I had bought the Borghese brush set from Costco. Winnie from All Styled Up was checking her Costco in Canada and couldn't find it. I offered to pick up a set for her and told her that instead of her paying for it, we could work out a trade. Of course again, I had no real preference for items although I did ask her if there were Canadian products that I couldn't easily get. I already have a Lise Watier concealer wheel so I didn't need that. I think that I gave poor Winnie a hard time by not having any preferences. The package that she sent me was sooo awesome! I had to take it two shots.

The first picture is all MAC products. I love MAC and can't wait to try these out. There's even a MAC brush! What is in the contact lens cases are pigments! Contact lens cases are really convenient for storing products. I use it to carry a glob of cream concealer.

The second picture has a beautiful jewelry set, two eyeshadow pans from Annabelle Studio, mini Kiehl's Line Reducing Concentrate (I've been wanting to try something else from Kiehl's so this is perfect!), Organic Wear mascara and two items from Quo, which I have never heard of before. One is a powder atomizer bottle. It is so cute! The other is Summer Fantasy Palette, which is really gorgeous. Even the casing is beautiful with crystal rhinestones set in the top of the lid. I can't wait to try this palette out. Everything came inside the pretty floral organza bag.

I was fortunate to have met Winnie through another wonderful blogger, Brianna of The Sungirl Says. Thank you Winnie for the awesome trade. You truly spoiled me.

I also received a love package from Sheila of Maddy Loves. Please check out her blog if you can. She has great reviews and is just a sweet person. (She is also having a giveaway, which will end in 3 days.) Sheila was the coordinator for the 2010 Blogger Secret Santa exchange which I participated in. I know how challenging it can be to coordinate something like this, especially if someone doesn't follow through. I sent her some small as a thank you for doing such an awesome job. In turn, she sent me a thank you package!

Masks! I love masks although I probably don't use it as often as I should. Two minis of Biotherm White Detox , one a concentrate and the other a corrective makeup base. Paul and Joe lipstick in a beautiful shade. I haven't tried anything from Paul and Joe yet so this is really exciting. ZA sunscreen, which she says isn't drying to her skin. I used to buy ZA skincare a long time ago and really, really loved it. Unfortunately, it's not being sold here any more, which is very disappointing to me. Lastly, 5 Hello Kitty lollipops, yes there were 5 but I ate one already. It's yummy!!! Thank you Sheila for the unexpected and super wonderful package. I love everything and am so honored. You are truly a wonderful friend.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gift Review: Nanoce BB Moist Cream

My friends were in Japan about a month ago and brought back the Nanoce BB Moist Cream in Healthy Ochre for me. Nic Nic had been raving about this BB cream and I was certainly curious about it.

Healthy Ochre is the darker of the two colors that are available.

Nanoce applied to half face

Nanoce applied to whole face

Face makeup fully done

After 12 hours of wear, only nose touched up by powder

When I first opened my package (it was fully sealed), my first thought was that the tube isn't fully filled. A lot of air came out when I tried to squeeze the product out.  It is a 1.4 oz/40 g tube. It comes out rather thickly but applies nicely. Some people have complained about the scent but I think that it's okay. It reminds me a bit of Noxema cream (really aging myself here). It mentally makes me feel that it's sanitizing. The scent dissipates almost immediately. It is quite moisturizing and I feel that I have to set it with powder. I use Guerlain Meteorite Pearls. The coverage is quite good and lasting power is good as well. I think that it does fade a bit but I know that I'm asking a lot to have foundations last 12 hours or longer. I think that the color match is a good one for me. It does oxidise ever so slightly.

In comparison with Hada Labo BB Moist Cream in Natural Ochre, I find both BB creams to be very, very similar.

The Hada Labo cream is does not come out quite as thick as the Nanoce but I think that despite it being less thick, it does cover better than Nanoce. I also think that Hada Labo is a slight bit pink whereas Nanoce is slightly more yellow. After 12 hours of wear, Hada Labo holds up better than Nanoce. I really like both BB creams a lot. If I had to rate them, then I would say that Hada Labo is #1 and Nanoce is #2. It is really a close call though and I'm happy using either one.