Sunday, July 10, 2011

Purchase Review: MAC Semi Precious and a New Kat

As most of you are aware, I'm supposed to be on a "no buy, use my stash" mode. I originally wasn't impressed by the pictures that I saw of the MAC Semi Precious collection. That is until I saw Feeling Flush Mineralize Blush. I thought that it was so pretty that I had to have it. I also ended up buying two brushes from the collection, #234, which is a split fibre blending brush and #128 which is a split fibre cheek brush.

According to the MAC website, the #234  is "Specifically designed to deliver two unique results for eyes; the natural goat hair in this split fibre picks up & applies powders & pigments, while the synthetic fibres blend colour for professional quality results" and the 128 is "Designed for exceptional Blush application, this split fibre brush delivers a soft, diffused look with its unique combination of natural & synthetic fibers." I thought that I'd use the cheek brush to lightly appy highlights to my cheekbones. The 234 hasn't worked out as I'd like but sometimes it takes me a while to get used to a new brush. We'll see what happens. I'll probably be using these as part of my Brush of the Month collection but we shall see. (That reminds me, I still have to do my June Brush of the Month post.)

Feeling Flush is a sweet pink color, which I'm really loving. I forgot just how pigmented the mineralize powders can be so my first application was a bit of a disaster as I ended up looking like I had clown cheeks.  The next time I applied it, I used a much lighter application and it was perfect. I used the 187 duo fibre brush to apply the blush.

I paired it with Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Aventure and I think that the combination matched very well.

On Friday, I finally went to get my hair cut. I was thinking of going with a "boy" cut (think Emma Watson) but my hairstylist nearly had a heart attack. I told her that isn't it usual that for older women, shorter hair is better but she didn't like it for me. I then showed her a picture of a shoulder length cut and she really liked it and said that it would match me well.

This is probably the longest that I have ever had my hair. I had grown up with short hair. For some reason, all the hairstylists liked to cut my hair really short which, at that time, I hated because it made me look like a pixie. That's why it was all the more surprising that I thought about doing a boy cut. Unfortunately with my hair being this long, it had gotten brittle, dry and had major heat styling damage. I also have fine hair so the longer it gets, the thinner and stringier it looks.

With this shorter cut, my hair looks fuller and heathier. I think that it probably makes me look older but the first thing that my husband said is that I look younger. Other people have said it as well. I saw Mai yesterday and she really likes my new hairstyle too.

I really was apprehensive as I liked having it long because I felt that it made me look younger. I'm glad that I finally made the decision to cut my hair shorter.



Jian said...

Ahh Kat I do like the new haircut on you! It's good that it's making you look younger! I might convince my mum to grow her hair out a bit, she's had a asymmetrical A-line bob cut for y-e-a-r-s!!!

And feeling blush is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for a tip about the pigmentation of mineralize powders! I haven't got myself one yet, but I am tempted after seeing hte pretty colour!

caitlin said...

Hi Kat, thanks for your comment! I am supposed to be on a no-buy either, but oops!! hehe! Those MAC brushes look interesting! I really want to get some new brushes, but I will def try to hold off as long as possible. The Semi-Precious collection didn't really catch my eye, but that blush looks great on your skin tone!


PopBlush said...

I want to try those MAC brushes! ^_^
Glad you feel good about your haircut~

Anonymous said...

I like your new haircut Kat.. do you have natural wavy hair?? anyway I need a haircut too! I've always regretted bobs after getting them done lol so I'll just have a trim when I have the time!

Blair said...

Nice haircut! I like having shorter hair, I don't take as long washing and drying them and they usually weigh quite a bit =[

slowbrogal said...

I am still waiting for semi-precious to launch here...:((
And your new hair cut make you look "heyo!! I'm so cool" Haha XD

galpal.hi said...

@Jian--Thank you so much! It's nice to do a change up every once in a while. Hopefully you can convince your mom to do so too.


galpal.hi said...

@caitlin--Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Good luck on holding out on doing any purchasing. I know that I haven't been very successful.


galpal.hi said...

@PopBlush--Hopefully you'll be able to get your hands on the brushes. It has been quite popular, especially the 128. It sold out in less than a day at the MAC store. I was lucky to get it at the MAC counter in Macys but they were almost out too.


galpal.hi said...

@Nic Nic--Thank you! Yes, I actually do have naturally wavy hair but not that it behaves in the way that I want it to.


galpal.hi said...

@Blair--Yes! It's definitely taking me less time to blow dry my hair. I love that!


galpal.hi said...

@slowbrogal--LOL! I love your comment. I hope that you'll be able to check out Semi Precious when it launches.


evie said...

love the new hair cut! use to have short hair too ^^ plus it take a shorter time to wash and dry the hair! XD

i was planning to buy the MSFs but they were too shimmery for my liking..but this blush looks great!!

galpal.hi said...

@evie--Thank you! I'm really liking my new haircut a lot, surprisingly. I was thinking that I would be sad that I cut my hair--I almost always have haircut remorse.

This mineralize blush is really good. I don't find it very shimmery at all.