Sunday, July 24, 2011

Quick EOTD and Thank You

I had been wanting the "perfect" shade of violet and wasn't having much luck finding it. I finally found it--Urban Decay's Flash. I had actually seen Flash before but always thought that it was much darker than I wanted. I swatched it on Friday and it actually comes out lighter than it looks in the pan and it's my "perfect" violet shade! You don't know just how excited I was to discover this.

This EOTD is done using just about all Urban Decay products. UDPP in Sin, Flash, Psychedelic Sister, Rockstar and Perversion eyeshadows. K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner was used too.

The one thing that I did was to line the outer corner of my lower lashline with K-Palette and then I topped it with Flash. I loved the result. It reminds me of when a kazillion years ago there was a Lancome eyeliner pencil in a violet shade which I really loved. It has long been discontinued and I can't even remember the name of the pencil. I used it over black liner and the end result was a combination that was great. The end result with using Flash over K-Palette is quite similar so I'm quite happy.

I also received another love package yesterday from a blogger who wishes to remain anonymous. Actually, she and I have exchanged packages a few times and she is really an awesome and generous person. Thank you "J.P." for the wonderful love package. I can't wait to try out the things you sent for me to try.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful week!



Steph said...

ohh pretty =D It's such a fun/ wearable purple~ love your EOTD!!!

Vanity-Fashionista said...

The colour looks amazing on you!! <3

galpal.hi said...

@Steph--Thank you! I am sooo very happy that I finally found the color that I was looking for.

Thank you also for tagging me. I'll work on doing it eventually. I have so many posts that I need to write and put up.


galpal.hi said...

@Vanity-Fashionista--Thank you Vicky! <3

BV said...

This looks awesome... and you are awesome!!! You know that right? LOVELY! I love how bright and fresh this looks on you. I hope I meet you in person some day - you look like a complete TEENAGER. I should hate your guts - but I don't!!!


galpal.hi said...

@BV--Thank you--I think. LOL! No seriously, thank you. It's just that one eye that you're seeing so that looks like a teenager. I hope to met you some day too. I would love it!