Friday, July 29, 2011

June and July Brush of the Month

Still trying to catch up on belated posts here. Are you getting tired of seeing a post every day?

Today I'm combining my June and July brush purchase of the month. It happens to be MAC-themed.

For June, I decided to purchase two brushes which badly needed replacing. MAC 212 & 224.

I took my old brushes in because I couldn't even read the numbers any more. The SA looked at them in shock and asked me how do I store my brushes. I told her don't worry, they were about 10 years old. She looked so relieved and said that they consider the life span of their brushes to be about 10 years. I use the 212 to apply Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. The 272 I use mainly as a blender brush to blend together the various colors of my eyeshadows for the day.

July's brushes happen to come from the Semi Precious collection so they are limited edition. MAC 128 and 234.

I use 128 to apply highlighter to my cheeks. I find that it works well with Maquillage Face Creator since picking up the highlighter color can be difficult on such a small palette. I actually place the brush down in the center color and drag it down and across into the highlighter color. 234 I use as an eyeshadow brush. I'm going to have to try it out with some of the pigment powders that I got from Nic Nic and from Winnie. It's supposed to work well with those since it is a duo-fiber brush.



Denysia said...

I don't own any full sized MAC brushes, but you are making me consider going to the store and picking some up!

Georgina said...

hi Kat! does using a brush to apply the UDPP make a big difference? i only use my finger to blend it. lol

i love getting new brushes, they're beauty investments! i wish my Shu Uemura brushes would also last 10 years (or longer)! im on my 3rd yr now. doing pretty good!

ps. sent you a DM on twitter. need your help again! :P

Brianna said...

Wow I hope all of my brushes last for 10 years! I don't own any MAC brushes, but if they last as long as yours did they seem as though they are worth the investment.

tiffyama said...

Wah, no wonder MAC brushes are so pricey...10 years of use is amazing! Hm, maybe next time I'm at MAC, I won't be so intimidated with their price tags. heh.

galpal.hi said...

@Denysia--The full-sized brushes are of excellent quality. The travel-sized ones are not so good, even the MAC SA told me.


galpal.hi said...

@Georgina--Using your finger to blend it is okay too. Don't know why I've always used a brush.


galpal.hi said...

@Brianna--MAC was the first "expensive" brushes that I ever purchased. I've pretty much stuck with them but have been branching out into less expensive brands lately. As someone else said, even if you have to change it every several years, you've still got your money's worth if it was an inexpensive brush.


galpal.hi said...

@tiffyama--Yes, they are pricey but they are good brushes. I'm sure that there are inexpensive brushes out there that are good too. Probably won't last as long but then again, you didn't spend as much initially. Perhaps it all breaks down and evens out in the end. (Years vs. price paid)