Monday, November 15, 2010

Nordstrom Trend Show

This past Saturday was Trend Show at Nordstrom. I wasn't sure if I could make it so Mai and I didn't book any appointments. The hubby was feeling quite good after his surgery so he insisted that I spend some time out and about and go to Trend Show with Mai.

Mai got skincare done by ReVive. (I decided that I didn't want to remove my makeup so I didn't get anything done.) Then she got her makeup done by Lancome. They just released their new makeup colors. The quads were really pretty as well as the blush and lipsticks. Mai and I got a couple of things, which I'll do a review of in a separate post.

We also got introduced to a new skincare line from the UK. Not sure if it's a new line but it's new to Nordstrom. It is called Rodial. There were some very interesting products in their line. There's also a whole set of products for the body--boob job is supposed to increase your bust size, bum lift helps your butt to lift and become firmer, there's also tummy tuck, stretch mark eraser and body sculpture. I didn't test anything out although I did get a sample of their day and night moisturizers. Rodial as well as the ReVive line were quite pricey.

Initially when we got there, it was pretty crowded but it thinned out by 1:00. I think that this year wasn't as crowded as last year.



Nic Nic said...

looked like a lot of fun! Rodial is such an expensive product.. I hope the samples work out for you!

galpal.hi said...

@Nic Nic--It's definitely a lot of fun and it's difficult to hang on to your pennies when you see all of the wonderful things. Definitely eye candy.

Oh, is Rodial expensive in the UK too? I'm figuring that it's much higher here in the US.