Friday, November 19, 2010

Review: L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara and Infallible Lipgloss

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A few weeks ago I decided to explore the drugstore and try out a couple of items. In our never ending quest to find THE mascara, I thought that I'd try L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes.

It comes in a pretty gold tube.

The bristles are not your typical brush bristles but are plastic bristles. At the point where the bristles are attached to the wand, it's very boingy/springy.

I actually really like these bristles and the springy-ness because I feel that it really helps to grab my lashes. For comparison, here's my picture with me using my current favorite Gokubuto mascara, with no mascara base and no prior curling.

Now here's my lashes using the L'Oreal mascara, again no mascara base and no prior curling.

There is barely any curling of my lashes although I do believe that my lashes are definitely more volumized. The reason why I can tell that is because I actually have some "hooding" of my eyes like I get when I wear false lashes. (It kind of blocks out some of the light from shining in my eyes."

The next day I decided to curl my lashes and use mascara base before applying L'Oreal.

While it looks okay, I will not purchase it again. I will give this to Mai to try out and see if she likes it since her favorite mascara is from L'Oreal. (I can't remember which one though.)

I also decided to try out L'Oreal Infallible Lipgloss because I liked the colors and wanted to give drugstore brands a try. These are plumping lipglosses and while I don't really want to have plumped up lips, I gave it a shot.

These are definitely a no! When I applied it, it makes my lips have a prickly feeling--perhaps that's the plumping action going on, but it's not a pleasant feeling to me at all. Otherwise, it has the typical lipgloss stickiness--not overly sticky but sticky nonetheless.

Sadly most drugstore products are a fail for me. Japanese drugstore brands, though, are a different story. I like a lot of the products from Japan.



Anonymous said...

I love your neutral look there!

I havent had the best experience with loral mascaras either... i think japanese formulae are perfect for asian lashes... so light that it doesnt weigh them down :)

thank you for your sweet comment!! i hope everything is going well for you... btw me and my husband are thinking of doing our wedding in hawaii March. Just wondering which islands you'd recommend?

i am catching up with some posts.. so excuse me if you think I'm spamming :P

K said...

Thanks for the reviews! I haven't found the perfect mascara yet, either. I like American drugstore products, though, so I'm excited about going to one in Hawaii!!!

I don't like plumping lip products either! I do like the original Infallible lipgloss!!

galpal.hi said...

@Nic Nic--Thank you! I believe that my EOTD for both days was done using Stila Artist's Inspiration Palette. It's funny how I don't actually like browns but in the past half year or so have been using browns a lot. I think that it's because I've finally found the right brown tones and the right combination of brown with other colors to be able to wear it without me looking tired and washed out.

I will shoot off an email to your personal email account with info you requested.

I love getting spammed by you!


galpal.hi said...

@K--I used to use only drugstore brands a long time ago but haven't in quite a while now, except for the Japan brands. Even with the Japan brands it can be hit or miss. I keep hoping that I'll find something from American drugstore brands that I can like and use since it is, of course, so much cheaper. Gosh, thinking about it, even my hair shampoo and conditioner isn't a drugstore buy.

Thanks for the info--maybe I should try finding the original Infallible lipgloss. When we meet up and go shopping, I should go drugstore shopping with you.