Saturday, November 6, 2010

Review: Stila Artist's Inspiration Palette and NARS Orgasm Lust Lip and Cheek Set + EOTD

I recently ordered online from Sephora two limited edition sets. The Stila set was a Special of the Week and the NARS set is just a limited edition item. I went into my local Sephora and they didn't have it instore, which is why I ended up purchasing it online. They are now available instore.

I decided to do an EOTD using these sets.

Products used:

MAC Samoa Silk (orange shade)
Stila Artist's Inspiration Palette--golightly, dapple and ebony
The colors in the palette are as follows: Top, from left to right--fluorescent green, ebony, electric pink (cheek color) and Bottom, from left to right--golightly, dapple, kitten
NARS Orgasm
K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner

I forgot to include this in the picture but I started off by using UDPP in Eden. I had tried it with Sin the day before but everything came out too shimmery.
Samoa Silk was used over entire contour area. dapple applied on inner eye from lashline to crease. golightly applied from just over middle of eye from lashline and blended upward and side to side above creaseline, right into the socket area. ebony was applied on the outer eyelid in "v" shape. I also used it to line the outer half of lower lashline. Blend everything to make sure that there are no significant color lines. Orgasm was used on brow bone as a highlighter. Line upper lashline and lower outer half of lashline with K-Palette eyeliner. That's it! Very simple.

I liked this Stila palette. The shadows are nicely pigmented, medium-soft and easy to apply and blend. Very much unlike the other palette sets that came out earlier, which I still have to review.

The NARS Orgasm Lust Lip and Cheek set was something that I decided to get since they are mini-sized items. The cheek set has Orgasm and Laguna and both contain .008 oz/2.5 g of product. The full-sized duo contains a total of .35 oz (the Sephora website says it's a limited edition item) and the full-sized blush contains .16 oz of product. I was a bit hesitant at first to try Orgasm because the description says that it has shimmer in it and I try to stay away from shimmer. Since this was a mini set, I decided that I don't mind spending some money on it and if I don't like it then I'm not stuck with a full-sized blush. Now I totally understand why this is a cult favorite! I love Orgasm! (hehe, that sounds a bit kinky!) It applies on very nicely, not overly pigmented that you have to go with a light hand. It really does give a nice flush of color and isn't so overly shimmery that I don't mind it at all. Teamed together with Laguna, it's a nice travel palette since it's small and has bronzer and blush in one. I will have to go and look at the limited edition full-sized product and decide if I want it. I really, really don't need any more blush though.

As for Orgasm lip gloss--I like the NARS lipglosses since they are not overly sticky, except for one that I tried recently. I can't remember which one it was--maybe Strawberry Fields? Anyway, this one was sooo super sticky that it felt like a sticker. Orgasm doesn't feel that way but I think that the color is just a wee bit too light for me. My lips are quite pigmented so this color kind of pales out my lips.

I've decided that I love being able to buy minis of products that I want to try out. If it turns out to be something that I love, I can buy it in a regular size.

Sorry that I haven't replied to comments made. It's been kind of busy on my end. I'll try to catch up soon.



Lisa ♔ said...

I've not tried Stila makeup in ages now. I remember collectiong the Stila makeup cans. those were my favourites...haha!

This palette has interesting selection of colors. Your EOTD look pretty!

Brianna said...

I like your EOTD!
I love the idea of minis too! I sometimes wish I could have bought a mini for some products that I have full sizes of.