Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Personal: Sakura

For some reason, I really love sakura (cherry blossoms). I have not seen it in season in Japan but we do have sakura here in Hawaii in a small town. I also have seen cut branches of sakura in bloom. It is my desire to travel to Japan one year during sakura season. That would be my ultimate trip.

Sakura season in Japan has been a bit strange this year because of the strange weather patterns. The season has lasted longer than usual. My son lives in Fukushima Prefecture in a small town called Aizumisato and only now is the sakura there starting to bloom. It is late this year. In fact, last week Saturday (the 24th), they had snow again. This is a picture of what it looked like as he was drivng to work  in the morning.

He said that this year he wanted to visit one of the 3 famous spots for viewing sakura at night. He decided that it would be Takada Kouen (Takada Park) in Niigata Prefecture. After work on Saturday, he picked up his girlfriend and next door neighbor and drove to Takada Kouen. It took 3 hours to get there. He said that it was worth the drive since it was so beautiful. There were also a lot of stalls selling food and other items which added to the festive atmosphere. He recently purchased an expensive SLR camera and it takes awesome pictures. This is my favorite picture that he took at Takada Kouen.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful, I love sukura trees [this is my favourite tree], they are spectacular. One of my life dreams is going Japan to see them. Lovely blog by the way. :D

galpal.hi said...

Thanks for visiting our blog and for commenting. Yes, sakura trees are so beautiful! I guess that what makes them even more fascinating is that it blooms only once a year and it's such a short period of time that they are in bloom. I hope that you attain your life's dream of going to Japan during sakura season.