Saturday, April 10, 2010

Quick Post

Some unexpected things have been happening so I haven't had a chance to do any updates that I've been wanting to do. (5 week Miracle Worker progress, mascara review, some Sephora stuff) Will update when things kind of calm down.

As I've mentioned before, my oldest son lives in Japan but I try not to ask him to haul products for me since he's really busy, he's a guy and would have a difficult time trying to buy some things and it's difficult for him to ship it out. When he went to Japan a few years ago, he went shopping for me with a friend, who is like a brother, and they said it was pretty embarrassing for them, two guys, to go shopping for the Japanese idol items that I wanted them to get. LOL! (Yes, I love the Japanese actors and singers.) However, now he has a girlfriend (she is a Japanese national and doesn't really speak English) and she was really sweet and sent me a couple of Maquillage items which I had posted about earlier. I had asked about applying the eye shadow since it's too light for me and I also asked her about her eyebrow pencil that she uses. I wanted to share with you a part of my son's email because it was so funny to me.

"...I don’t know if American women do this

as well, but she was saying Japanese women all use this powder for
their eyebrows. They draw in half of their eyebrows with the pen, and
then the first half (the half closest to the nose until the midpoint
of your eyebrows) they finish off with this powder. It gives it a
natural look supposedly.....ahh this is hard to explain but she told
me to tell you for your eye makeup, to use your makeup as you always
do, but above that right under your eyebrows to use the whiteish one
as a highlight? I have no idea what I'm talking about so trying to
translate her explanation is very difficult.

OR she said to apply your normal eye makeup and then in the
アイホールlightly apply a lighter shade of makeup. And then above that use
the whiteish one that she sent as a highlight like I explained above.
Anyways I can’t explain this at all so I am sending a picture that we
found: "

Anyway, I could just imagine his face as he was trying to translate and type it out and all of it was totally foreign to him.
Ack! I just realized that I completely changed the format of how this post was written. Oh well, I guess that perhaps I'll give up on writing it in the 3rd person format.
Have a nice weekend everyone!


BV said...

She sounds really cute!!!

I gave my brother a sephora list and was simply astounded to find that he went out and bought all the makeup I asked for!!! (some things out of stock but he really tried)

BTW I asked my mother to buy me some makeup when she went to Korea last year and she told me that she "couldn't find it in department stores - I think they must have closed down". OMG - I know she simply could not be bothered! Brother = 1, Mum = 0!! Guffaw.

I like to use eyebrow powders because I think it looks more natural. I have my eye on the Anastasia Brow Kit and will review it - if I manage to get my hands on it!!

I love Japanese eyeshadows but it pales in comparison to my love of Japanese mascara!! It's the best - I rarely use anything else in fact.

Hope the flood warnings had no impact on you in Hawaii!!

Take care

galpal.hi said...

Hi BV! OMG! Your mom was so funny! You have an awesome bro for him to go into a cosmetics store to pick stuff up for you. I'm sure that my son would and especially now that he has a girlfriend who can actually go and find the products that I want but it's a bit of a hassle for them to have to mail it off to me. It's easier for me to order online unless I absolutely can't find it online (or it ridiculously expensive).

Really? Japanese mascaras are the best? I'll have to buy one and try it out. Which one do you like the best?

Thanks for your concern. The flood warnings had absolutely no impact on us.