Monday, April 5, 2010

Target Shopping

Kat was reading on some other blog and that person visited Hawaii and went to both of the Target stores on Oahu. While Kat lives in between the two stores, she has only been to one of them...once. Her impression at that time (which was a year or so ago) was that it was okay. She wasn't impressed. She decided to go today to check it out and again, it was the same reaction. Part of the problem is that things that she does like, mainly shoes and clothes, they don't come in her size. However, she did find a few things and is quite happy.

She bought 3 (yes 3) shrugs/short sweaters. Kat totally loves these and has quite a collection of them already in a variety of colors. (Sorry Mai, there wasn't any in the color you've been looking for.) She also found one pair of sandals that actually was in her size! She bought an Ecotools brush set. She has heard a few good things about this brand so she wanted to try it out. Although you can't see it in the picture well, she bought a retractable double eyeshadow brush by Sonia Kashuk. Never heard of this brand but the brush seemed interesting. She had seen online that Target sells Hello Kitty nail polish but there was none at the store. She was quite disappointed in that. She picked up a NYC nail polish. It was cheap and in trying it out, it's not that good.

Kat received her order from Ichibankao today. She had ordered the Coffret D'or Beauty Essence Pact. In light of her different experimentations though, she has decided to discontinue using powders. She is trying to decide whether to keep this or to sell it.

Kat really loves Hello Kitty and today the Hello Kitty Cafe opened up in the Pearlridge Mall. She went to check it out this evening and you really can't call it a cafe. It's more like a mini bakery. There were cute items for sale but expensive. She bought the chocolate mousse and it was delicious but the fudge in it was a bit rich and sweet. The yogurt cheesecake was yummy. It's more like a pound cake.

Don't remember what this is

Yogurt Cheesecake