Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mezaik, Shiseido Tsubaki and Sephora

Today Kat's order from iMomoko came in. It was for Mezaik Double Eyelid Stretch Fiber. She had read about this when Shihoco had blogged about it on her blog (PLadge Blog). It sounded very interesting so Kat just had to try it.

Kat was born with monolids and during her junior high school years had tried using what was popular back then--scotch tape--to form a crease in her eyelids. However, it wouldn't work on her lids. What she discovered was false eyelash glue. That worked wonders and she used it day and night for several years. She was fortunate in that her eyelids kept the crease without having to use the glue any more. However, within these last couple of years, the crease has been fading and some days she is back to monolid. When there is a crease, oftentimes the ends are really drooped down so she started gluing her eyelids again.

After a few mistakes, she finally figured out how to use the stretch fiber. She will have to use it for a few more days to get a good feel as to how this will work out but so far it seems to be great. The fiber is really thin and is invisible when put on. Since the eyelids are not glued together, it looks very natural. It is supposed to be waterproof so that you can bath and swim in it. She tested it out by putting gel foundation and cream base on and then put on her eye makeup. So far so good.

Kat has realized that her hair has gotten really dry and damaged looking. She decided to try Shiseido's Tsubaki Damage Hair Care Mask. She was all set to place an order with Sasa but went to Don Quijote to pick up some zarusoba. She decided to check out the Japan products section and found the hair care mask there. It was less than a dollar more than at Sasa so she picked it up. It will take several applications before her hair gets the full benefit of the product but after this one use, her hair does seem less dry.

In today's email, Kat received Sephora's V.I.B. All-Access Pass which is good from April 8 - 19. This is a 15% off coupon! Temptu?


BV said...

OMG it must be Temptu time! Has Hawaii become a bit hotter lately so you can test the strength of the product on a really humid day?

I have Mezaik too but I really stink at applying it. When I use it with my eyeshadow, it builds up around the Mezaik and looks quite strange. I have decided not to use it anymore because I do like wearing a lot of eyeshadow!

I have a natural double eyelid but it is so damn tiny it feels like I am a monolid most of the time!

I hope you do a demo on the "how to" of the product if you really like it..?

Thanks for post

galpal.hi said...

Today was a bit humid but it's been quite rainy. In fact, we had flash flood warnings in effect last night.

The Mezaik is a little difficult to apply and you really have to be careful since you need a very sharp scissors to cut the stretch tape but so far it seems to be working out okay. I can't remember where I read it and I went in search of it but can't find it...but I read that you shouldn't use foundations and base eyeshadows. I read that you like to use cream eyeshadows so that might be your problem.

A demo...hahaha! That means that I need to show how I look without makeup. OMG! That would scare everyone away. I'll consider it but sheesh, it my naked face scares even me.

I still like using false eyelash glue the best to do my double eyelids. Since I discovered that using the Maquillage eyeshadow base helps to keep the crease looking pretty natural and you can close your eyes and not have it look like your eyelids are glued.


BV said...

Hi Kat

You must be an expert! I've given up on Mezaik - I like my eyeshadow application to be really heavy so I can't give that up! Guffaw.

I have noticed that when Japanese models use Mezaik they tend to have a neutral all over lid, lots of black eyeliner and falsies. I think it looks great but I wouldn't be able to pull it off.

Let me know if you fall in love with Mezaik. I am curious as to how you do double eyelid with eyelash glue - sounds complicated!

Thanks for post