Thursday, April 15, 2010

Temptu Review--Long!

Here are my thoughts on the Temptu after having used it for a few days.

There really isn’t anything like being able to try something out at your own leisure rather than having it done for you by a MUA. The two times that I had gone into Sephora and tested this out, it was awesome and it seemed so easy to do. Reality check…it takes some getting used to. It was scary trying to open up the AIR Pod and put it onto the wand the first time. Also, removing the AIR Pod from the wand was a bit scary too. I was so afraid that I’d break something.
I tend to have a heavy hand so I have difficulty doing things that take some delicacy—like crocheting and knitting. It’s the same with the Temptu. You have to remember to keep things “airy” and light and be patient and layer. The important thing is to keep on moving. The easiest thing for me to apply is the highlighter because it’s a simple “C” motion from the top of your brow bone to under your eye. Even for the highlighter though, I have to remember not to apply too heavily. The instructions say to apply your foundation with the dial on Start and for the highlight and blush, turn your dial to Less.

After the 1st day trial, this is what I decided works best for me:
1) Need to lightly apply some of my cream foundation under my eyes. I found that I couldn’t get good coverage under my eyes with the Temptu as I was afraid of it going on too heavily.
2) Need to apply eye makeup first. The Temptu foundation is really moist and since I like the dewy look, I am only applying powder from the hollow of my cheeks down to my jawline. Because of this, applying and being able to blend the eye shadows is difficult. I also will apply my eye makeup a little darker than I normally would. I also found that I can apply the foundation much more easily and natural looking if I have the setting on Less.
3) Apply regular bronzer as usual to cheekbones. Very lightly apply bronzer to other areas. It has to be very lightly because again, it is difficult to blend in.
4) Apply AIR Pod blush. Perhaps with time I’ll be able to do my blush the way I like it to go on but for now, I will also use my regular blush to neatly apply on the apples of my cheeks. I can’t seem to control the Temptu to make it come out nicely on the apples of my cheeks.
5) Lastly, apply the AIR Pod highlighter. I also lightly spray it over my blush and over my eye makeup. When applying it over my eye makeup, it helps to soften and colors and add just a hint of glow.
The feel of the foundation depends on how heavily you put it on. I think that it has the feel of “pan” makeup if you put it on heavily. Even lightly, it is definitely something that I can feel on. With my Maquillage, I forget that I have anything on my face. However, I don’t feel like it is super heavy (except for that first day when I put on too much. YUCK!) It hasn’t clogged my pores so far, although that could be due to good cleansing—makeup remover tissues, massage gel remover and face wash with clarisonic brush.
Thought that I’d post some pictures, but here’s a big warning, ugly and scary no makeup face.

Scary no makeup face. I am only wearing moisturizer, sun screen, eye cream and primer

Put on cream foundation under eyes and did a really bad concealing job on my darker spots

Applied Temptu foundation

Applied powder foundation from hollow of cheeks to jawline
Lightly dusted on Smashbox Halo Hydrating Matte Bronzer on cheeks

Applied Temptu blush (Hey! I actually did a good
job and didn't have to apply regular blush to the apples of my cheeks)

Applied Temptu highlighter on upper cheeks and above brow bone

End result (still scary!)

The weather hasn’t been the typical humid weather so I still have yet to test the wearability of it in humid weather. So far, it seems to last just as long as my Maquillage cream foundation. I usually touch up my foundation a bit under my eyes and just above the cheeks. I find that I have to do the same with the Temptu. I’m fortunate in that most days I can be home by 2:30 so I can do my touchup then. There are the touchup brushes but I have heard that they streak and when I tried it in the store, I did find that it did streak. I really didn’t like those retouch brushes. I also think that it takes a little longer to put on my foundation with the Temptu but it’s not that much longer. It might also be due to the fact that I’m still a novice using it and that with time, I’ll get faster with the application process.
Overall, I really like the Temptu so far. I think that it is definitely a great product to use for a night look. I know that I will still use my cream foundation but will also use the Temptu. I may even combine the two—cream foundation and AIR Pod highlighter. I really do like that highlighter since it gives me a nice bright glow.
If anyone comes to Hawaii, I’d be glad to let you come and play with it. I can then take you to Sephora to buy it. Yeah, I’m an enabler. =P
Just remember that this is what I found works for me. It may not necessarily be best for you.


BV said...

Temptu looks great on you - great flawless finish.

Um... I have to keep thinking about it and see how I feel later this year before I crack and finally get it!

galpal.hi said...

Thanks BV! I'm liking it too. I love the way the finish looks and it stays that way for quite a long time. However, I am finding that it seems to get just a bit cakey after a 17 hour day, even with a touchup in between but hey, what can I expect? It also feels to me that it's a bit drying after all of that time too and when I finally remove my makeup, my face feels really happy like it can breathe.

The weather here has been relatively cool (actually cold by Hawaii standards) so I really am interested to see how it holds up in our typical humid Hawaii weather. Perhaps it will feel less drying at that time too.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see a real person using this and I thought the end results very pretty! Thank you!

galpal.hi said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thank you for your kind comments.

I'm still using the Temptu on occasion, not as often as I thought. I still think that it was worth the investment even if I'm not using it on a daily basis as I originally thought.


Steph said...

you've done a fantastic job using it!!! w/ the highlighting and blush!!!
i too purchased the same set but unfortunately had to return it because the foundation irritated my skin

galpal.hi said...

@Steph--Thank you! I'm sorry to hear that the foundation irritated your skin. I really do like the results that you can achieve from Temptu. Hmmm...I haven't been using it much recently. I guess that it's time to rotate back to using it.