Friday, April 30, 2010

Review: Lever Lux Super Damage Repair Essence

This is the final item that I recently received from iMomoko. It is Lever Lux Super Damage Repair Essence (Treatment Water). It contains nano and amino acid. It is to repair hair damaged by drying, coloring, heating and perming. It makes your hair look shiny while repairing and strengthening it. Apply a little bit on dry hair, concentrating on your ends. Style as usual.

I actually pumped out two times and it's too much for my hair. If you don't apply too much, you hair will feel silky and soft and won't feel like there is anything on there. I discovered this product from my son's girlfriend. She came with my son to visit us here in Hawaii as a surprise during Christmas and New Year. She has beautiful hair and she forgot her bottle of this product when she left. She told me that I can try using it if I wanted but didn't want me to send it back to her. She would pick it up the next time she came to visit. I blow dry my hair and flat iron it. The last month or so, I realized just how dry and brittle my hair had gotten. Out of desperation, I finally caved and decided to use her forgotten product. Wow, I was impressed! This is also when I started using Tsubaki Hair Mask for damaged hair. The combination of the two has really helped to revive my dry and brittle hair. It took a while to find the Lever Lux Super Damage Repair Essence but I finally found it and ordered it.

As a side note, I finally went to my hair dresser today (last time was in September) and told her to cut and take care of my damaged ends. YIKES! She had to cut off 4 inches or so. Plus I also got my hair bleached and colored in 3 different shades--the last time that I had it done was back in September too, although I did color my own hair twice using Palty in between. I will definitely keep using these hair products to try to keep my hair in good condition.