Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Review: Canmake Shading Powder

Canmake Shading Powder 01 Danish Brown is the lighter of the two colors that is offered on iMomoko. I had been looking for a shading powder that is just a slight bit darker than my normal complexion and something that is not a bronzer. I want to use it for contouring purposes.

I had seen a Youtube Video by Lisa Eldridge on doing natural-looking contouring and I wanted to try it. This is my first Canmake purchase and I'm quite pleased with it. The contouring powder is matte and it's nicely pigmented so you have to make sure to not load your brush up too heavily. I was using a brown eyeshadow to contour and it was definitely too dark for me so I stopped contouring. Here, I have done my nose. I don't know if you can tell the difference in the picture but in real life you can see that my nose looks more streamlined and it looks like I actually have a bridge! I used the Bamboo concealer brush by EcoTools to apply the shading powder.



I used the shading powder to make my cheekbones seem to pop out more with a natural look to it. I used the brush that came in the shading powder case to blend upward from the hollow of my cheek to the cheek bone. I don't think that I have nice cheek bones that are prominent, however, the MUAs at Sephora always comment on how I have the perfect cheekbones and they love to apply blush on me.



Anyway, I like what this product does. It applies easily enough and for me, gives natural shading that I like.



Rica said...

Without the brush, I would thought this is a chocolate (LOL). I can tell it's a pretty good product. It looks really natural on you =)

I gotta find one that works for me. I'm still using my MAC Refined Golden bronzer, not getting other ones yet, because I'm trying to be good.

Anyway, thanks for sharing!


galpal.hi said...

Rica...LOL! You're right, it does look like a chocolate! I didn't even realize it and I'm a total chocoholic!

Thanks, I think that it's a great product for a natural look. I don't think that it shows up well in the photos though.

I still like to use a bronzer but I will definitely use the Canmake when I want to go with a more natural look.