Saturday, April 3, 2010

Temptu Revisited

In Kat's post from a few days ago, she talked about her first experience with the Temptu system. She was quite impressed but since it's an expensive investment, she wants to think about it more. She was done up in a color that was too dark for her so since she was feeling well enough to go out today, she went back to Sephora to get done again and be color matched. Fortunately, it was the same MUA who was working and she was once again very friendly and helpful. After Kat was done, she ran a couple of errands and didn't get home until approximately an hour to an hour and a half after her foundation, bronzer and blush was air brushed on.

This time the MUA didn't put it on as heavily as the last time but it still came out beautifully. (Kat prefers medium to heavy coverage.) The blush was a little light (Pale Pink 401) and Kat knows for sure that she will not purchase that color.

To give a a good test, Kat left her face as is and did not touch up the right side of her face for 12 hours.

After 12 hours, not touched up

The left side of her face she touched up using the Kanebo Coffret D'or powder foundation. It was okay, but the dewiness was taken away and some of the fine lines popped out. After 12 hours, the right side of her face showed some fading and loss of the brightness and dewiness. There are Temptu touch up brushes that can be purchased but Kat has read some good things about them and also some bad things. Among the bad things is that the brush with the foundation streaks. Kat is thinking that if she needs to touch up her foundation, then perhaps it might be better to touch it up using the machine. She needs to find out if she can do that without first removing what is already on. If it can be done that way, then the touch up would not be a major problem.

So far, she's really leaning towards purchasing the Temptu.


BV said...

Hi there. Looks like the product LASTS so that's great!

Um.. I guess what I don't like is the $225 price tag for the air gun/compressor thingie. The actual makeup itself is probably the same price as a higher end foundation.

I had not thought of the breathing stuff inside your lungs part! I think Temptu sell other air compressors and have been around for a long time - you might be okay in terms of company lasting.

Maybe you could keep trying it a few more times when it is really hot? That way you can know for sure? Personally, I really want it but I won't but until I try it. The $225 really puts me off impulse buying!

Good luck with the experimenting!

galpal.hi said...

Hey BV!

Thanks for the info on the company being around for quite a while. That puts my mind at ease.

Yup, still want to test and figure it out yet. I'm really tempted to buy it though. Thinking that it would be good to use for going out at night makeup. I guess that I should start saving my pennies too.