Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Creative Ideas

I often use items that are not ordinarily used for that purpose. My recent discovery is makeup related. I don’t know about everyone else but my poor makeup bag that is in my purse is bulging! I have been trying to streamline it and cut down the bulk. Since I’ve started using a cream foundation, I was trying to figure out a way to carry it around with me. You can buy those little travel jars but it’s still pretty bulky. I discovered contact lens cases! I don’t wear contacts, never needed to wear glasses until the last couple of years (and I don’t wear it anyway) but only for reading. It’s not bulky and I can carry just enough for touchups.

So in the picture, I have what the case looks like, then the next one is it cut in half, and the last one shows the foundation inside. Note that I rounded the front corners so that it doesn’t poke. It’s perfect! I think that I will load it up so that it’s pretty full and then use it that way for my daily makeup routine. I want to see how many days it will be good for because then I can determine how many I will need to load up to take on trips. I’ve been thinking that I can also use more of them to put in my eye cream and cream moisturizer. This is especially great because they are compact enough that you can pack it and put it in your carry on bag. No more worrying about your important skin care items in case your luggage gets misplaced. I’m thinking about some other creative uses for some other things and if they work out I will post again.

Mai knows that when I travel, I like to be prepared and carry all kinds of different things with me.
Do you have any creative ideas? I’d love to hear about them.


BV said...

this is a great idea! I wear contacts because I am far sighted - I have terrible eyesight!

I never once thought of using contact lense cases in this way - I think it is rather brillant. Unfortch I have no innovative ideas like this - wish I had!

galpal.hi said...

Thanks BV! Awww, I'm sure that you have creative and innovative ideas that you're using but it seems so commonplace that you can't think of it.

I'll post more if I think of anything else.