Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Today's Sephora Trip--mini haul and Temptu test

Kat went to Sephora today to pick up MUFE's Mist & Fix. This is her mini haul: MUFE's Mist & Fix and Aqua Liner, Sephora brand eye shadow set and a replacement clarisonic brush.

The Mist & Fix was available only in the regular size bottle, although Kat wanted to get the travel sized one. She has heard good things about Mist & Fix--it's supposed to make your makeup waterproof and long wearing, plus it helps to moisturize your skin. She will do a product review on this after she uses it.

Most of Kat's eyeshadows are MAC but this Sephora brand set caught her eye. When younger, she couldn't wear brown eyeshadows because the color just wouldn't look good on her. Whether her skintone has changed or if she knows what shades of brown to use, she has noticed that she can wear browns now--as long as they have red undertones in it. This set reminded her of the Lunasol set that interested her but at half the price so she picked it up to try it out.

As a Beauty Insider member, she earns a point for every dollar that she spends. She picked up this wonderful Tart set, which has deluxe samples of some of their best selling items. Included is: Vitamin infused lipglass, lifted natural eye primer, clean slate face primer. emphasEYES HD inner rim eye pencil and 3 different mascaras. This was a 500 point perk gift. (*sigh*, just goes to show you exactly how much she spends there. This wasn't her 1st 500 point gift and she has also received quite a few 100 point gifts.) She may decide to do a giveaway using some of these items. But then again, it may be difficult to do with only 1 follower. LOL!

So, Kat is getting ready to walk out of the store when the MUA asks if she's seen the Temptu Airbrush Foundation. Kat heard about it but never got to see it actually in use so she sat down and got her face done. WOW! It's really great! Foundation was put on and then a bronzer was used. Didn't do the blush but the bronzer was used in place of the blush. The foundation was a little dark, plus the use of the bronzer made her face darker. However, Kat's face looked really dewy and smooth! It really did a good job of covering her dark spots even though there was no concealer used. MUA could have layered it on more if she wanted to since the foundation is buildable. The best part is complexion remains smooth. All foundations, even the moisturizing ones, makes Kat's fine lines show up and thus it makes her appear to have really dry skin.

Then the MUA used a highlighter and even highlighted Kat's eyes over her eye makeup. This really helped to highlight the eye area and actually softened and kind of blended the eyeshadows. It turned out really nice.

Kat really wanted to test out the wearability and longevity of this foundation. Unfortunately, today's weather was not the usual Hawaii weather. It is extremely windy and unusually cool and not as humid. Kat decided to simulate it.

The Good:
Kitchen floor was scrubbed by hand.
Whole first level of the house was vacuumed.
Exercised by running in place for 5 minutes.

The Bad:
Arms hurt.
Back hurts.
Legs hurt.
Didn't break a sweat.
Didn't even glisten!

The result is that Kat couldn't test how it would hold up in humid conditions. However after 8 hours of abnormal (see "The Good" above) and normal activity, at 10:30 p.m. before removing her makeup, she noticed that it still looked as if she had just put the makeup on. Skin still looked dewy and the fines lines were still not noticeable. Will have to seriously consider getting this item.


BV said...

Skin looks beautiful. It looks a lot like the finish I get with MUFE Face and Body - slightly darker than my usual skintone. However, that product is very sheer so you need a good concealer... I really really really want the Temptu set now!!!

*sigh* Maybe later this year!

Thanks for this post.

BV said...

PS Can I ask you what shade you used?

Many thanks

galpal.hi said...

HI BV! Thanks for your comments and sorry that I didn't get back to you right away. Yeah, the Temptu color was a bit dark on me too. She used #9 Golden on me. I'm not sure what color bronzer and highlighter that she used on me.