Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kanebo Coffret D'or Beauty Essence Sample Trial

Kat has received received some samples with her orders from Ichibankao. She usually puts them on the side, not really trying anything. Since this blog has been started, she has decided to test the samples. Unfortunately, she can’t remember where she has put most of the sample.

Today Kanebo’s Coffret D’or Beauty Essence samples were tried.

Oh look, it’s Shibasaki Kou, an actress and singer in Japan. Kat loved her in the drama, “Orange Days”. She recommends this drama to anyone who is interested in watching a Japanese drama.

Beauty Essence Pact (sample received is OC-C)

On the Kanebo website it says, “A single sweep creates tightly-fitting, long-lasting effect. Keeps the skin beautiful with almost non visible pores. For skin with an elegant sparkle filled with moisture that seems to come from within. Experience a fine finish with noticeable translucency.”

Beauty Essence Color Veil (sample received is Coral Pink)

Again, on the Kanebo website it says, “A single sweep creates tightly-fitting, long-lasting effect. Keeps the skin beautiful with almost non visible pores. For glossy, beautifully toned skin with excellent color and texture. Light Control Base maximizes translucency and brightness.” Coral Pink will cover dullness while the Clear Green covers redness.

Beauty Essence Pact is a two-way powder foundation. Compared to the Maquillage Powdery Foundation that Kat has started using, it is quite translucent. The feel of this foundation is really nice and silky. Kat believes that is formulated with a much finer powder than the Maquillage. True to what is advertised, it really seems that your pores are not visible.

Kat tried using it dry and it makes the complexion look nice but Kat likes a heavier coverage than it provides. She tried it wet and didn’t like it at all. It looks really powdery on. She then used her Maquillage Cream Foundation and finished using the Beauty Essence Pact. OMG! It’s awesome! Complexion looks smoother and brighter.

Kat’s thoughts: It is best used as a finishing powder. Feels nice and silky and doesn’t seem to dry out the skin but seems to lock moisture in. She would love to buy this and use it but since she just got the Maquillage foundations, she will have to wait. She is interested in trying out the Beauty Essence Gel Foundation together with the Beauty Essence Pact.

BTW, she didn’t try the Beauty Essence Color Veil yet.


lisa (Makeupandlife*) said...

this foundation wears off on me somehow. The shiseido maquillage is longer lasting on me but the color is lighter.

galpal.hi said...


Thank you for your comment. I do find that the Kanebo Beauty Essence Pact is lighter and more translucent so I am using it more as a finishing and touchup powder. While I also like the fact that it gives you a sparkle and brightens your face, it does make me look whiter. I think that this ages me and makes my face look fatter too. Not good. So I definitely do not use it as my powder foundation over my cream foundation. I mainly use it to highlight and brighten under my eyes and mid forehead.