Thursday, March 4, 2010

Recent Sephora Purchase

Kat recently went shopping at our favorite grownup candy store, Sephora! Bought Time Balm Anti Wrinkle Concealer,  trial sizes of Full Thickening Cream and Frizz Styling Spray and Miracle Worker by Philosophy.

Time Balm Anti Wrinkle Concealer is supposed to be something that can be used both day and night. It is used as a concealer during the day over eye cream and shouldn't cause any caking. Used at night, it fights visible signs of aging while you sleep. It's supposed to help minimize the appearance of dark circles under the eye, moisturize and prevent fine lines. It also conditions and brightens the skin. It is easiest to use it with your fingertips instead of the goofy little sponge inclulded.

This will be used by Kat at night only. Although you can't see it very well, Kat has taken before and after pictures. However, Kat can tell the difference. Although she doesn't have prominent dark circles, it has helped to minimize it as well as making the bags under the eye less puffy. It looks very natural too. She wakes up looking refreshed even when not getting enough sleep. Mai, Kat likes this so far.



Note: This was available only at the Ala Moana Sephora. Pearlridge didn't have it.
           Color used was Medium

Next review will be the Miracle Worker.