Sunday, March 21, 2010

Girl's Night Out

Mai and Kat got together again on Saturday night. This time they headed to Ala Moana Shopping Center.

Mai bought L’Occitane’s Fabulous Serum, which Kat has been using. It is a serum which has shea butter in it and is quite inexpensive as far as serums go. It is ideal for dry and dehydrated skin and is supposed to repair prior damage and protect the skin in the future.

They then headed over to the Soho kiosk, another one of their favorite “fun” stores. Soho sells wonderful, high quality hair extensions and swarovski hair jewelry and accessories. It is definitely not an inexpensive store but definitely fun. The sales clerks are awesome and so friendly. Once you buy a hair piece, you can go back at any time and they will show you how to style your hair using that piece. Mai and Kat have acquired (won’t say how) some hair extension pieces. Kat has been slowly acquiring hair accessories since she really loves the “bling”. This night Mai bought her first hair clip, a beautiful jeweled starfish clip. Kat had been wanting a crystal flower headband and got that. She also bought the long wavy updo extention with wired hair combs. You can see their products at their website:

Kat’s friend who lives in Japan has taken a little trip this weekend to Kouchi (she thinks). Kat had heard that sakura would bloom early this year so she asked him if the sakura had started blooming and if he’s seen any. He said that the sakura have already started to bloom in Kouchi. Here is a picture that he sent:


pladge said...

My hometown,Nagano is still snowing...I'm really looking forward to seeing Sakura blooming in here too.

galpal.hi said...

Thank you for your comment.
I love sakura! I hope that I can do hanami one day.