Friday, March 19, 2010

No Frizz Review

Kat has spent the past couple of weeks using the Living Proof Straight Making No Frizz Styling Spray and tried the Full Thickening Cream once.

These are two products that Kat does not give a thumbs up to. The No Frizz Styling Spray doesn't help to reduce the frizzies in her hair. Worse yet, it doesn't smell very pleasant and it actually stiffens her hair and makes it feel coarse. That's the one thing about using styling products in her hair, she doesn't like it if it feels like there's something there.  The Thickening Cream didn't seem to work either but then again, she was told that she needed to use it for some time before noticing a difference.

From the reviews she's read, there are many people who are pleased with the products but the major complaint is the price factor--it's quite expensive. Kat is glad that she bought the little travel-size bottles to try.