Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Maquillage Order Received

Kat got her Maquillage order from Ichibankao yesterday. It was the Moisture Finish Powdery UV Foundation in OC10 and the Glossy Perfect Lip Rouge in RD318. Kat likes using powder foundation in one shade ligher for slight highlighting under her eyes , just above the cheekbones. She’ll also use it to touch up her nose and forehead during the day, if necessary.

The Glossy Perfect Lip Rouge RD318 is as she thought, just slightly darker than the RS396. Both colors are perfect. The RS396 is a bit lighter. The colors are on the sheerer side so lips are colored in with lip pencil first.

Starting from the top is RS396 without lip pencil, then with lip pencil underneath. The 3rd color swatch is RD318 without lip pencil and the last one is with lip pencil underneath. If you look carefully, the RS396 is more pink while the RD318 is definitely more red.

Ichibankao also sent a couple of sample items to try out with this order and as well as with previous orders. Kat will test them out and will blog about it at a later time.