Monday, March 29, 2010

Some follow ups

When Kat posted her 3 week Miracle Worker update, she didn't add pictures to it. She found a picture that she took just before starting to use the Miracle Worker.


                                                                       3 Weeks
She tried to take the 3 week picture with her face and lighting conditions the same as when she took the before picture. Unfortunately, the coloring doesn't quite come out the same. For some reason the 3 week picture has yellow tones in it and her face isn't quite that yellow. However, you can still see the difference in her skintone. The coloring seems to have evened out. Something that she did notice is that in the "start" picture, you can see freckles on her nose whereas in the "3 week" picture, they do seem to have disappeared. The big, ugly brown spot (which is from a whole bunch of freckles growing and combining or is the aftereffect of a pimple from a long time ago) still is there the same as ever. Not sure if it has lightened a bit or not.

The other day she posted about the updo hairstyle and showed what the extensions looked like. You can read the post here:
She used the non-highlighted one yesterday. It has shorter wires in it with the hair strands just a little longer than the hightlighted one so it is good to use as a simple cascade. Kat put up her hair on the side of her head into a ponytail. She also did a quick, messy curling/waving of her hair. She used her flat iron to do it instead of a curling iron, only because she was too lazy to pull out her curling iron.

Going from under the ponytail, push the comb in and twirl each end of the hair extension around the top and bring it down alongside the ponytail. She added 3 swarovski mini hair clips at the top of her head to kind of clip some of the hair strands into place so that the teeth of the comb won't show. Very quck and simple.


Steph said...

that is so smart!!!
they blend so naturally with your real hair =D

galpal.hi said...

@Steph--I love these hair extension pieces. I must admit that I have spent far too much on a variety of them.