Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shiseido Maquillage

A couple of months ago, Kat's son's girlfriend sent her a limited edition spring eyeshadow set and a Glossy Perfect Rouge, which is a lipstick. She was so excited because she had been wanting to try Maquillage products for a long time but we don't think that it's available in the U.S. It's definitely not available in Hawaii.

The eyeshadow feels really wonderful and there's a hint of prism glitter in it. However, the colors are way too light for Kat's taste. Kat found that she really likes the base shadow (will explain the reason another time). As for the lipstick, OMG! It's awesome! Kat really like it! It's moist and really feels great on the lips.

Kat then decided to go ahead and place an order with her favorite online store from Japan, Ichibankao. (See link at the right side of this blog.)  She ordered the Autumn 2009 release of Maquillage Moisture Cream Foundation, Maquillage Moisture Finish Powdery UV Foundation and the other limited edition eyeshadow palette (again the color being very light). Both of these are in OC20. Kat loves this foundation! She's still not sure of the color and will be ordering the powder foundation in OC10 but otherwise, she thinks that she has finally found "the perfect"  foundation.

This foundation gives really good coverage, without feeling heavy. It is also long wearing, which Kat really needs. Kat often puts on her makeup at around 6:00 a.m. and will not remove it until midnight. She will touch up with the powder foundation once, sometimes twice depending on how humid it is. It does make my skin feel like it's getting the moisture it needs and it hasn't clogged up the pores. Kat did a test today using both the Maquillage foundation and her old foundation, one on each half of the face. Took a picture but you can't see anything so won't bother uploading it. However, one thing that really impressed Kat is that the Maquillage side looks healthier. It looks uplifted, while the old foundation side looks like it's kind of being dragged down. Kat thinks that her fine lines and pores show up a lilttle more with the old foundation but there isn't that much significance. Maquillage foundation also feels much nicer on the face.

Mai, Kat totally recommend this. The next time we get together to play, you will need to try this foundation. Yeah, it's a bit pricey but so worth it.

*A side note: With Kat's old foundation, you could really see her fine lines and pores, which made her think that the old foundation was kind of drying to her skin. However, today it wasn't that noticeable. Kat's thinking that perhaps it's that Miracle Worker that has helped.

**If you've been wanting to try Japanese brands of makeup and skin care but don't know where to go, Kat highly recommends Ichibankao (link on the right of the blog). Kelly is really nice and just awesome.