Friday, March 12, 2010

Palty Hair Color

Kat had heard a lot about Palty Hair Color for a long time and most of it was positive. Just as she was about to purchase it online from Ichibankao, she found it at her local Don Quixote store.

The first box she bought a few months ago was Bitter Capuccino. Wow! The color was quite a bit darker than she wanted but after a few weeks and several hair washings, the color lightened to a nice color. This time she decided to try a lighter color, and bought Almond Chocolat and the coloring came out perfect!

Kat really likes this hair color brand. After you're done coloring your hair, when you rinse out the colorant, your hair feels really soft and nicely conditioned. Even when shampooing your hair, it still feels that way. With American brands (Revlon, Clairol, Feria, etc.) when shampooing your hair, your hair feels really strange, kind of plastic-y. Kat will use this inbetween going to hairdresser to get hair professionally done.


BV said...

I really want to try this! It is very hard to buy Japanese brands like these in Australia - might have to try Sasa!
Thanks for post

galpal.hi said...

Ichibankao has it too. She sells it for 1600 yen, which comes out to around $18.00 US. It includes shipping so I don't think that it's too expensive. Not sure what Sasa's price would be. I've actually never shopped at Sasa before. Maybe I should take a look.