Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fun and 2nd Week Update on Miracle Worker by Philosophy

Sooo on Saturday evening, Mai and Kat was able to get together and play.

First Mai was able to try the different make up products that Kat has blogged about. Then dinner down at the mall at their favorite teppanyaki place. They spent time browsing around and playing with some things in Sephora but amazingly walked out of there WITHOUT buying anything. In fact, they walked out of the mall having purchased only dinner. What an amazing feat! They then headed back to Kat’s place where they baked peanut butter cookies with Reeses peanut butter cups. They used both dark and milk chocolate. The cookies are very easy to make and taste so yummy. The only person who did not like them was Kat’s youngest son, who doesn’t like peanut butter. What a strange kid! What kid doesn’t like peanut butter?!

Now for the two-week review on Miracle Worker by Philosophy, consensus is that it is doing some wonderful things. Kat bought it wanting to lighten her freckles and so far that doesn’t seem to have happened but her skin is definitely looking much smoother and refined. Mai noticed it most on Kat’s hands. Kat has never had young, nice looking hands. Her hands have always been dry even with lots of moisturizing and lotions. She has to admit that using Miracle Worker has done miracles on her hands. They are definitely looking nicer. Even without any lotion on, it looks like it’s moisturized.

Unfortunately, there is no before picture. Kat will continue using it and will update again.


KW said...

The cookies look delicious!