Sunday, July 11, 2010

Secret Thank You Give Away Winners

When we reached 15 followers, I had wanted to do a thank you give away but procrastinated on it. Yesterday Mai and I got together and did some shopping. I bought some final items and we came back to my house. Our requirements for this give away was to be a follower of our blog and to have at least made one comment. We didn't do any announcement of this give away because we wanted it to be a chance for our current 16 followers who chose to follow us for their general interest in our blog. Thank you to each of you for following us.

We were very scientific and we put everyone's names into a bag and shook it up. We drew each person's name to get their ranking order. After we had everybody's ranking, I then went to and had the True Random Number Generator pick our winners. We had a first place wnner and 2 runners up.

Our 1st place winner is...

.....BV!!! Congratulations! This is what you'll be receiving:

Our 1st runner up is...

.....Jess!!! Congratulations! This is what you'll be receiving:

Our 2nd runner up is...

.....K! Congratulations! Here is what you'll be receiving:

You'll also be receiving some other things that are not in the pictures.

Thank you to everyone for showing an interest in our blog!

*Kat* and *Mai*


K said...

Oh wow, thank you thank you! Are those Neutrogena Wipes I see???? Thank you so much for your kindness!

galpal.hi said...

Hi K! You're welcome! Yes! Neutrogena Wipes. I'm so glad that you were the winner of it.

Thank you for kindly following us!


Anonymous said...

i totally missed this giveway :( but congratulations to those ladies!!

Jian said...

AWWWWWW =) That is very scientific indeed!

Congrats to your winners! And I hope you continue to gather more followers!

galpal.hi said...

Hey Nic Nic! We'll probably do another give away, maybe not as large as this but since it was our first we wanted to do it this way.

How do you guys handle give aways...I feel really badly for those who didn't win. =(


galpal.hi said...

Hi Jian! Nice to see you when I know that you're so busy. LOL! Yeah, it was very scientific. I'm sure that you, who are a medical student, found it very amusing.

Gathering more followers is okay but it's nice and cozy right now. Either way is nice.

Good luck on your move and school. Be sure to make time for yourself!


CL said...

That was so sweet of the two of you to hold this giveaway for your current followers. I have been silently following the blog until now. Just wanted to let both of you know that I enjoy your blog entries!

galpal.hi said...

Hi CL! Thank you for silently following us and for now publicly following us. I'm glad to know that you are enjoying our humble blog.

We will be having other give aways. We look forward to including you in our future ones.


BV said...

How is it possible I have actually won something?? The gods must be smiling on me - talk about lucked out!!

Thank you so so so so much ladies! *BV swoons with shock and delight*

galpal.hi said...

You're welcome BV!


Jess said...

Oh my god... you guys are awesome for doing a secret giveaway, hehe!

I'm rarely that lucky. Thank you for the lovely prizes! <3

galpal.hi said...

You're welcome Jess! I know what you mean...I'm not lucky in blog giveaways too so I now I rarely try. I'm glad that you were one of the lucky winners.