Thursday, July 15, 2010

EOTD: Dior 5 Colors Designer 808 Pink Design

Ever since I got into Beauty Blogging, I've been finding myself buying more and more cosmetics. In some ways this is good and in many ways this is bad. The good is that it has helped me to break out of my "same old" mode and do more experimentation with different colors and techniques. It has also broken me of my all MAC mentality as I now branch out to different brands. The bad is that I'm spending more money and acquiring more products.

Dior's Fall 2010 collection has been released and I absolutely fell in love with the eye shadow palette 808 Pink Design. I think that the colors are gorgeous, and they are definitely colors that I use. This palette has 1 base color, which is the bottom left, an off-white color, 3 shadows and a liner. The only thing that I wished was that this was an all eyeshadow palette as I most likely will not use the base and the liner.

Here is the result. I did my usual Mezaik Double Eyelid Stretch Fiber and priming with MAC Painterly.

Products used:

Dior 5 Colors Designer 808 Pink Design
Dior 5 Colors Iridescent 650 Crush Glow (Summer 2010 Collection)
Dior 1 Color Ultra-Smooth High-Impact Eyeshadow 186 Ultra Violet
Shiseido The Makeup Mascara Base
K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner
Avon Wash-off Waterproof Mascara (first time trying it)

I highlighted the brow bone with the light pink color (top right)
I then used the purple color in the contour area, like so:

Please excuse the crookedness of the dots. I assure you that I applied the eyeshadow in a smooth rounded stroke.

Using the center deeper pink, I applied it from inner corner to outer corner of eyelid, from lash line to just above the crease.
Next I used the same purple color and applied it from middle of eyelid to outer corner of eyelid and blending it upward toward the contour area. I also blended the center to blend the pink and the purple together.
I applied Ultra Violet in the outer corners of my upper eyelid in a sidewards "V" to add depth and give it some "pop".
Next I used the beige-pink color from the Crush Glow palette (bottom left).

I applied it in the area marked by red dots and blended it towards the outer eye area.
I did this to soften the purple color in that area. The beige-pink color is more like my skin tone. I like to use colors like that in that area to soften and make it appear more natural.

I curled my eyelashes with my Shu Uemura eyelash curler and applied the mascara base.
Lined upper lash line and outer half of lower lash line with K-Palette eyeliner.
I then applied the Avon mascara to my upper lashes only.

The mascara I bought because someone that I know just started selling Avon and I wanted to help her out. The mascara was okay, it didn't flake on me (yay!) and it did come off easily. I can't tell you for sure if it comes off with just washing because I always use the Neutrogena Makeup Remover towelettes and Noevir's Deep Cleansing Massage Gel to remove my makeup before I wash my face.

The final result, looking down.

For some reason, my lower lashes seem really long! Is it the Trish McEvoy Lash Enhancer that is working? I'm not sure.



BV said...

When I first saw your EOTD I IMMEDIATELY thought - OMG your lashes are a lot longer!!!!!!!!! (no - seriously!)

It must be working!! Good result.

I adore the look of the quints + your eye makeup. Um.. I might have to check out the Dior counter sooner or later. I'm trying to avoid it cos like you - I seem to get getting too much stuff. I am cutting down though (or trying to?)

I sometimes feel that my spending on makeup is out of control... a friend even told me that she was writing a will (she's single like moi) and that she would want to leave me some money to have fun with makeup. Am I really seen as that frivolous?? It worried me to be honest. Heh.

PS I love the winged eyeliner. I'm going to try it out for my EOTD tomorrow...

galpal.hi said...

Really BV? I haven't really noticed anything until I saw that last picture and only on the bottom lashes. Maybe my eyelashes look longer because when I normally do my EOTD, I don't use mascara. Actually, I do hope that the Trish McEvoy is working.

OMG! LOL! Your friend actually said that?! Don't worry about it. I don't think that you're frivolous. It's normal that we all want to look our best.

I know that I'm spending more money on makeup BUT I'm purchasing more quality items. As a result, I'm finding that I'm being much more selective of my purchases and there's been less purchases of items that I ended up not liking.

I hope that you post your winged EOTD.


K said...

Very pretty EOTD! This quint looks lovely and very usable for everyday!