Friday, July 23, 2010

Review: Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact Illuminance

I think that Jill Stuart cosmetics are packaged so prettily and is very feminine. It has interested me very much for a while but I just couldn't justify the price tag. Luckily, Jill Stuart's blush was the other item I was able to get from the recent Lotus Palace Blog Sale.

While the case is plastic, it looks like glass and is quite pretty. It comes with an attached retractible blush brush, in which the knob of the latch has a pink crystal. It's so sweet!

It is a mirrored compact. This is Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact Illuminance 102 Gold Illuminance. There are 4 different colors in the compact, which I'm sure that you can use separately. Unfortunately, I am too lazy to carefully use only one color so I swirled my brush over all of the colors. I found the attached brush to be a little too stiff for my preference so I used my own brush, which is a MAC angled blush brush. The attached Jill Stuart brush will be convenient to use for touch ups, if necessary.

The blush powder is of a nice consistency with good color pigmentation. You don't need to use a whole of lot powder to get a nice color. I found that the first time I tried it, I swirled the brush and picked up too much powder and got clown cheeks.

No blush

With blush

I'm really glad that I was able to score this compact. I have to admit that this is the first time in my life that I have so many blushes in my possession at one time. I used to have only one blush, which I used until it was gone and then buy another one. I'll soon be reviewing another blush from an order that I just received.



K said...

That blush is very pretty!

Yes, isn't blogging scary? I used to have only 2 eyeshadow palettes. Now I have 3 MAC 15-pan palettes, and I need a 4th one!

Anonymous said...

The blush looks lovely on you really! I have a JS blush compact but I haven't really touched it.. I should tho, thanks for the reminder ;)

galpal.hi said...

Thank you K! I'm liking this blush a lot.

OMG! You have 3 MAC 15-pan palettes?! I have one which isn't fully filled but I do have several 4-pan palettes that are filled.

Yes, with blogging, you learn about so many different products out there and then of course, you want them too. *sigh*


galpal.hi said...

Hey Nic Nic! I hope that you're rested up and not jet-lagged. Welcome back home to Japan!

Thank you! I'm glad that I can say that I have a Jill Stuart item. Yes, do try out your JS blush and let us know how it is.


BV said...

That blush does look so good. I can't justify the price tage either - although I did cough up for 2 JS eyeshadow palettes which really disappointed me... having said that - that blush looks really pigmented and good. I may end up trying this if I get a chance.

Oh man, I have SO many eyeshadows I think I will stay quiet about the number. *cough* more than I can use in my lifetime - yeah, I would defn say that! I am not buying as much as I used to thank goodness!! It's like being on the quest for the HG product... it is HG until the next HG comes along

galpal.hi said...

Thanks BV! I'm really surprised by how pigmented this blush is. I hope that you get a chance to pick it up with a good deal.

Oh my! I should blog about the dangers of beauty blogging. My eyeshadow collection has grown quite a bit too.