Sunday, July 25, 2010

Review: Kanebo Freshel Moist Lift W BB Cream--Slightly Pic Heavy

Last week I received an order that I placed with A Pop of Kawaii. I was truly impressed because I got notice on Tuesday that my order was shipped out and I received it on Thursday! Japan to Hawaii only 2 days, EMS shipping! Of course everything was packed perfectly. Thanks Nic Nic and Kuni!

One of the items that I had been eyeing for a long time was the Kanebo Freshel Moist Lift W BB Cream. I have mentioned that I think that I found my HG BB cream for now, which is the Lioele Beyond Solution BB cream but I can't help but want to try more.

It comes in a pretty tube. It says that it contains silk essence, collagen and hyaluronic acids, with SPF 23. This BB cream is supposed to be moisturizing so it is geared more for those with dry skin and/or mature skin. From this point on, I will be kind of going back and forth a bit but I wanted to show it on its own as well as compared with Lioele.

As you can see, it is much lighter than Lioele Beyond Solution. Some people have said that it's yellow based and that may be but I also think that it has a pink tinge to it and is just much lighter than Lioele.

This kind of worried me but when I blended it into my skin, it actually blends in a little more nicely than the Lioele. (Note: This is swatched on my arm and my arm is much, much darker than my face.) It seemed to me that the Freshel adjusts to match your skin tone.

The Freshel has a much lighter consistency than the Lioele. With the Lioele, I use less product since it has a thicker consistency. If I apply too much it becomes almost cakey on me. Since the Freshel has a lighther consistency, the coverage isn't as great. The great thing though is that you can layer more on for more coverage. However, even then it is probably a medium-light coverage at best.

Scary face that has been prepped and primed for BB cream application

With Freshel BB Cream on left side only

With Lioele BB Cream on left side only

It has a very moisturizing feel to it and it doesn't dry out so it is probably best to set this with powder if you are going to use this alone. The consistency of it actually feels like when I wear the Maquillage Moisture Cream Foundation. There is absolutey no scent to this BB cream.

On Friday, I applied the Maquillage Moisture Cream Foundation over the Freshel BB cream. It was actually a pretty humid day. At around the 10 hour mark, I ended up touching up with the foundation just a light bit, which is normal when I wear just the foundation. Since both the BB cream and the cream foundation are moist creams, it was actually too heavy, especially in the humid weather. I think that it will be great for winter when it's much colder, especially in the colder weather areas. I could feel that I had product on my face and I don't like it when I can feel that I'm wearing makeup. Otherwise, I think that BB cream held up quite well and really did not oxidize on me.

Finished FOTD w/Maquillage foundation

After more than 12 hours

Today I decided to try the Freshel BB cream with the Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturizing Foundation. Even though it's a moisturizing foundation, I find that it has a very light feel to it so for me, it's a much better "summer" foundation.

Today it was quite hot with it being 86 - 87 degrees F in my house (approximately 30 degrees C). I also vacuumed and did some other house cleaning activities and worked up a good sweat (yuck!). I did need to touch up my nose with powder foundation since I had been rubbing my nose throughout the day. Despite the humidity, I think that the BB cream with the Bobbi Brown foundation held up very well. I don't think that there was any oxidization and maybe the coverage may have faded a bit but I believe that it was probably because I worked up a sweat. At the end of the day, there is a feel of makeup being on my face but then again, I believe it's due to the humidity. For the most part of the day, I didn't have that feeling.

Finished FOTD w/Bobbi Brown foundation

After more than 12 hours

I really like the Freshel Moist Lift W BB Cream. It is quite moist and remains so for as long as you have it on. I like the way that it blends in to my skin tone color and matches up quite nicely. I wish that it had heavier coverage but that is just my personal preference. I think that this BB cream will work much better once the lazy, hazy (hot and humid) days of summer is over. I still think that Lioele is my #1 BB cream with Freshel coming in at a close 2nd.



Nic Nic said...

Great review! I think it looks nice and natural on it's own on you and then a very flawless complexion with both the foundations! Would you mind if I add this link into our Facebook page that would be awesome!!

coffretgorge said...

very thorough review, it does look natural on you, i dare say that it looks better than lioele :D but you're right, the lioele bb cream does have more coverage :)

galpal.hi said...

Thanks Nic Nic! I'm honored that you want to place this link on your FB. Thanks again for the awesome service from A Pop of Kawaii!


galpal.hi said...

Thank you coffretgorge! I do believe that the Freshel looks better than Lioele if used alone as far as color matching goes. I actually have another picture of just the Lioele in which it looks a little more natural than the picture that I used. I uploaded and wrong one. I definitely will use Freshel when it cools down here in Hawaii.


Hope In A Blog said...

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