Thursday, July 29, 2010

Review: Pretty & Cute Shopping Experience and Product Review

I recently placed an order with Pretty & Cute, an online store. I had read about this store from Fuzkitte's blog and Jenn's blog, From Head To Toe. Pretty & Cute sells a lot of the Lioele brand products and one of the items that I really like is the Beyond Solution BB Cream. They are really nice and my order was sent out very quickly.

I received my order the other day and this is what I got:

I ordered fringe holders, Lioele Blooming Volume & Curling Mascara, Lioele Blooming Pop, Koji #71 Eyelash Curler and Mirror. I received the other items as gifts--a cell phone screen cleaner and some sample bb creams. The mirror was a promotional item sponsored through From Head To Toe.

I'm sure that most beauty bloggers know (and use) the Dariya Fringe Holders. I have several and every morning hubby laughs at me wearing it. On Pretty & Cute I saw these really cute bow-shaped fringe holders so I ordered 2 of each color so that I'd have a pair.

The red ones remind me of Hello Kitty. LOL! These are really cute but because the bow is plastic, it's not as pliable as the Dariya. They still work quite well though and I am happy with it. Plus, hubby didn't laugh at me this morning.

The Lioele Blooming Volume & Curling Mascara was something that I actually decided to try out for Mai. She's been looking for a replacement of a mascara that got discontinued--Covergirl? Sorry, I can't remember the brand but it was a drugstore brand. She said that it was the best mascara because it curled her lashes without having to use an eyelash curler and it didn't really flake. She's been trying all of these other mascaras recently but hasn't found "the one" yet. I also used to use a Maybelline mascara called "Sky High Curls" that I really liked because it curled my eyelashes without and eyelash curler but that has been discontinued too.

I think that Mai is going to like the Lioele mascara! It actually did help to curl my eyelashes after applying several coats. My lashes are poker straight and I need a mascara base to keep my lashes from uncurling when I apply non-waterproof mascara. It definitely doesn't hold curls well. For my eyelashes to curl with this mascara, it is amazing to me. Of course, I didn't get curls like when I use an eyelash curler but it still curled decently. This mascara also did not flake on me and it removes easily with my Neutrogena Makeup Remover Towelettes. I don't think that it is extremely volumizing but it did volumize my eyelashes, again, after several coats.
Interesting brush shape.

No mascara

With mascara

Can you see my curled eyelashes?

I also tried curling my eyelashes with the Koji #71 eyelash curler that I purchased and applied this mascara without any mascara base. While my lashes did uncurl a slight bit, it still stayed curled so I think that this mascara is really good. I didn't take any pictures of this because I just did a quick curl with the Koji curler. I actually didn't even really play around with the curler much so I can't even do a review on it yet.

The last item is the Lioele Blooming Pop. This product is, according to Pretty & Cute's website, a "soft and moisture absorbing milk lotion without stickiness". It supposed to give you a transparent glow, which doesn't rub off easily. You can use it on your lips as well as on your cheeks as a blush. I got it in Pinky Tint because I think that it's the lightest color available. It comes in a little jar and has an applicator like a nail polish applicator. It has a really nice "cherry" scent to it as well as a slight sweet cherry flavor. It's quite pleasant to me. It definitely doesn't feel sticky and does have a slight moisturizing feel to it. My only real complaint with it is that the lid in which the brush is attached to is the same width as the bottle, which is a bit fat and the length of the brush is short so when applying it to your lips, you can't really see what you're doing unless you angle your face towards the mirror.

I have used it only on my lips because Jenn on From Head To Toe reviewed it and said that it gave her a long lasting tint to her lips. I often eat off my lip color so I was hoping that this would help. As you can see, it give my lips decent color--actually, it's a bit brighter than I like but it's okay. I applied it over my lip balm and I also applied my regular lipstick over the Blooming Pop. To give it a real test, I ate a breakfast burrito, which takes my lipstick away very easily. After eating the breakfast burrito, my lipstick was gone but the Pinky Tint color was still there. It lasted me all the way until lunchtime so I decided to eat greasy pizza. To my surprise, it did fade a little but it was still there.

Naked lips--only Bobbi Brown lip balm on.
My lips are actually pretty dark on it's own.

With the Blooming Pop on, no lipstick

Overall, I think that this has good lasting power to it. It's a nice product but not one that I must have.



K said...

I love the eye makeup you have on here! What eyeshadows are you using?

Wow, you've found a good mascara! I'm always on the lookout for the next best one!

galpal.hi said...

Hi K!
It's mostly MAC. It's from this post here:

The only difference is that I used UDPP instead of Painterly and the Lioele mascara instead of Shiseido Mascara Base and Fiberwig mascara.

You recently received MAC Contrast so for sure you have one of the colors that I used. I'm not sure what the rest of your MAC collection is like but you must have dupes or similar colors to what I used. If not, let me know and I can pick up the colors you want from MAC.

I've read good things about the Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara so I'm thinking of trying that one out too. Have you tried it?


Popcorn said...

oh YAY! A haul from Pretty & Cute! Ummm I have been planning on getting some False Lashes from them. And I want to ask you if their company is based in the US? And how much did they charge for shipping? Thanks!

The Hair Fringe Holder is adorable! Yeah, I have the regular, plain looking one. Mine is definitely not as cute.

galpal.hi said...

Hi Popcorn! Thanks for commenting and for following!

Yes, Pretty & Cute is based in Oregon. As for how much I paid for shipping, I didn't because if you order $75.00 (or was it $70.00?) or more, then your shipping is free. I happened to order 1 mascara @ $19.99, 2 sets of the fringe bows @ $29.90 each (but they have been discounted even more now so it's a really great deal), the Blooming Pop @ $16.00 and 2 Koji Eyelash curlers @ $12.78. Yup, I got 2 eyelash curlers because one is set aside for a future giveaway.

I really had a great first experience ordering from them. I'm definitely going to order from them again, especially if the mascara works out well for Mai.