Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lotus Palace Shoutout and Review: Lunasol Contrasting Cheeks

I was fortunate enough to FINALLY get into Lotus Palace's Blog Sale. Every time she posts a blog sale, I happen to miss out on it because I'm too late. She has really awesome blog sales. My package arrived yesterday and it was so cutely packed. She even included a few extra goodies for me. Thanks so much Kathi! If you get a chance to catch her future blog sales, I recommend her! She packages things so nicely and is really quick to ship things out. Her items are also in awesome condition.

The two items that I purchased were blushes. Today I want to review the Lunasol blush. I purchased Lunasol Contrast Cheeks in Coral Pink. The Lunasol Contrasting Cheeks collection is actually sold separately--there is the compact case and the blush refill that fits into the case. I was able to get a fantastic deal for both the case and the blush refill. The great thing about this is that if I decide that I want to use a different color or I run out of the Coral Pink, I can purchase just the refill.

I love the Lunasol line of eyeshadows because the colors are well pigmented. The same goes for the blush--it is nicely pigmented. You can make it sheer or go darker.

No blush

Sheer application of blush

Today, I went for a more sheer look. I absolutely love this color. The blush powder has a nice feel to it. I do not have sensitive skin but there have been times where some blush powders give me a kind of prickly feel. I did not experience this at all.

Two of the goodies that she included was from a brand I never heard of before. It's Alverde. I believe that they advertise themselves as a natural cosmetics line. She sent me a lipstick and a twist up cream blush. Both are in really cute cardboard containers.

The lipstick color is Rose Dream and the blush is Rose Love. The containers are decorated with a rose print and there is a scent of roses in the products. It's not a heavy scent at all, very nicely scented. The liptstick is nice a creamy and the color isn't heavy at all. It's a really nice light pink and it does have a very faint taste of roses (like the way it smells). I didn't get a chance to test the blush but I'm sure that I will like it as well. These two colors are perfect for me.



Kathi said...

I love seeing posts of hauls from my sales blog hehe! I am so happy you like your purchases!

Alverde is an awesome German organic drugstore brand with natural ingredients (though I am not sure if they are 100% natural or just use some natural ingreds)... anyways I found those blush sticks and lippies in the shop and thought they´d make nice extras =D
Alverde usually get´s a "very good" in the various tests they do in the market here.

Jian said...

OOOH you are lucky! I usually don't even get a chance in them either because I'm far too slow, even when she gives heads ups on her blog!!!

The blush is absolutely gorgeous! =) It's very pretty~ But having to normally buy the packaging and the product separately is quite annoying I think!!!

Jess said...

Yes, Kathi's blog sale is always awesome, and her packaging is super cute. ;)

The Lunasol blush looks really natural on you!

galpal.hi said...

Thank you again Kathi! I'm really, really happy with my haul from your blog sale. Thank you again for the Alverde items. They are really nice.


galpal.hi said...

Yeah, I really lucked out this time Jian.

To inially buy the case and the refill separately isn't too bad. At least on Ichibankao, your initial order comes with the case and refill color of your choice. After that you just need to buy the refill.


galpal.hi said...

Thanks Jess! I really went quite light on the blush. It's a really nice color for me.


Lisa ♔ said...

Lovely Kathy always offering good sales. I saw some Lavshuca lips the other day I was tempted to try for a change. I really haven't got this seasons Lavshuca, I am just not too keen on Lavshuca somehow, I guess maybe because I tried some of their eyeshadows and lipglosses a few years back and I didn't really taken to like it that much.

The blush really gives your cheecks a really nice pop of color, rose love is really beautiful.

Thank you for your message too. I truly appreciate it and Thank you for sharing this post with us.

Kathy has these cute packaging going on... I love it!