Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Review: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion + Mezaik

As I mentioned a couple of posts back, I received a surprise package from an awesome blogger. One of the items in that package was Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion (UDPP) in Sin. Prior to receiving this item, I had read many reviews of this product. I have been quite satisfied with my MAC Paintbox in Painterly and my eyeshadow base/primer so I didn't feel the need to purchase the UDPP.  I know that you've all seen many reviews of this product so please bear with me.

It comes in a cute bottle, kind of a champagne color. I'm assuming it's because Sin is considered a shimmering champagne color.

It has a doefoot applicator. I found that the doefoot applicator holds a lot of primer so when I applied it to my eyelids, there was just way too much for my liking. I found that by dabbing it onto my hand then picking it up with my MAC 212 brush, I could apply just the right amount to my eyelids. You need to let it dry before you start applying your eyeshadow. It does dry quite quickly.

My poor hand obviously needs some heavy-duty moisturizing lotion.

As I've mentioned before, I use the Mezaik Double Eyelid Stretch Fiber on my eyelids. I love this product but one of the things you need to be careful of is not to let any creams touch the fiber because it will then lose it's "stick" power. So when I applied the MAC Painterly, I had to apply it above and below the stretch fiber. When I first played around with the UDPP, I noticed that it dried very quickly and didn't seem to have any type of greasy, filmy feel to it. I got brave and tried it over my entire eyelid, including over the stretch fiber to see what would happen. Amazingly, it doesn't affect the Mezaik stretch fiber!

Mezaik Double Eyelid Stretch Fiber

With the UDPP on over entire eyelid, including the stretch fiber

I'm really happy with this result!

The UDPP is a great primer since it doesn't affect the stretch fiber. It also really helps with my eyeshadow application. It comes out quite smooth and gives my eye makeup longevity. I haven't experienced any creasing with it and I often wear my makeup for well over 12 hours. I normally rarely do any touching up, even if I sometimes look a bit ragged toward the end of my day. So far with the UDPP, it seems that my makeup still looks quite as fresh as when I first applied it. It's starting to heat up here in Hawaii so we'll see how well it holds up under our summer humidity.

Thanks my dear friend...you know who you are. I probably would have never tried this if it weren't for your lovely gift.



K said...

Wow, thanks for letting me know that I can use Mezaik on top of UDPP! I've always wanted to try Mezaik, but not being able to wear an eyeshadow primer would suck... Please let us know how UDPP does in the Hawaiian heat!

galpal.hi said...

You're welcome K! I'm wondering if anything that is water-based will be okay with the Mezaik, since it is waterproof. I may have to try it out with something else to see.

I will update again when I have a really humid day.


BV said...

YAY! looking great!!
I have found UDPP can be cakey sometimes but have never found this to cake up on me. It looks great with your shimmery eyeshadows and I am so so happy it doesn't affect Mezaik!
I suspect this will last you for months and months! I ended up chucking out my old UDPP because it was almost getting to be 2 years old but I still had tons left in the bottle!!


Nic Nic said...

I love the metallic intensity there.. should have checked it out in Uk when I had the chance.. I went for the Too Faced one instead ;_;

Jane said...

I've been looking to buy the Mezaik fibers, as I haven't had much success with tape or glue, and I came across your blog. I've been using UDPP for years now anyways, so I was happy to find that you experimented with it plus the Mezaik fibers. I was wondering if you know anything how the fibers work with the original UDPP formula? That's the one I use and I haven't tried the shimmery Sin version. Thanks!

galpal.hi said...

Hi Jane! Thank you for reading our blog. I just tried using the original formula today and it works the same as Sin (shimmery) and Eden (nude/tawny matte formula). All of them work very well and will not undo the Mezaik fiber. One thing to note though is that I apply very little of the primer potion and I try not to vigorously rub it over the mezaik fibers. I apply the UDPP with a brush and swipe gently over the fibers and also pat it instead of swiping back and forth. I hope that this is helpful.


Steph said...

nice =D i got a mini UDPP as part of the NYC palette but haven't played around w/ it much despite the hype
but i'm gonna try it~ && sin looks so pretty loveeeeeee sparkly shimmery things lol

galpal.hi said...

@Steph--I love the NYC palette! Sin is really pretty but I just discovered yesterday @ Sephora online that there's a new UDPP called Greed. It's a metallic gold!!! I can't wait to hit my Sephora store to check it out.


Kelly said...

This is awesome news to hear that UDPP works well with the Mezaik fiber. (And I am thrilled that I found your blog, it's great!) I just got the mezaik fiber today and tried it on for the first time and was amazed at how natural it looked! I've been using DUP wondereye, which is also quite good but half way through the day, you can see the tape creeping out on the lid. How long does the mezaik stay on for with makeup? I work in a very professional environment meeting many clients and such so the last thing i want to worry about is whetherr the fiber is showing on the eye.


galpal.hi said...

Hi Kelly!

Thank you for reading! Yes, isn't the mezaik fiber awesome?! I also did another post on how I use the mezaik so hopefully it will be helpful to you too. To kind of sum it up, make sure that your eyelids are oil free, skincare free and makeup free when you apply the fiber. When you apply the eyeshadow primer, use only a little amount of it and apply it with a light hand. For me, the mezaik will last me until I wash my face at night, which is usually a good 15 hours or more after I apply it. Sometimes I even have problems removing it--that's how well it will stick on.