Sunday, July 18, 2010

Love Packages

I've been really a fortunate person. This past week I received two love packages!

One was from another lovely blogger. I didn't take pictures of what she sent but I will probably be doing a review of some of the items that she sent to me. One of the things that I did receive from her was Lioele Beyond Solution BB Cream, which is my BB cream of choice right now. It was perfect timing since I was just about to order a tube. Thank you, my dear friend!

I also received a love package from my son in Japan. It is very, very rare that he sends anything although he had been telling me since April that he has to send a package home. Included in that package was yummy snacks!

I've never had that fruit dessert before. All that you need to do is mix it with milk. I'm looking forward to trying it. He also sent all kinds of chocolates but in that oval tin is Mary's Chocolates. I love Mary's Chocolates!

Also included in that box was 3 magazines. They were all from May so I guess that is what he had purchased for me in April--actually, I think that it was probably his girlfriend who bought it for me. Two of the magazines are Japanese Idol magazines and the other one is Anecan.

I've always been jealous of the fact that you can buy Japanese magazines that have gifts included. For some reason, the ones that we get here in Hawaii don't have the gifts. Anyway, this Anecan had a gift included with it. It was a Kate Moss for Longchamp Zebra print Mobile Journal. And when I flipped through the magazine, the pages opened up at Anecan's Animen and it was my favorite singer!

It's Ohno Satoshi from Arashi. Kya! He's so cute!

Also included was a cute drawstring purse and in it was two eyebrow pencils from my son's girlfriend. The white one is from Shiseido and the other one is from Visee. The Visee one is a twist up pencil on one end and on the other end is a brush. Both are brown colored eyebrow pencils.

Lastly, I have a warning of sorts....

Cooking can be hazardous for your beauty.


If you get queasy, I would stop reading here.

On Wednesday night I decided to cook yaki soba for dinner. I heated sesame oil up in the pan and was trying to gently put the meat into the pan when the whole chunk of it fell into the pan. As a result, it splashed oil up which hit me on my chest, chin, under my nose, side of my nose and in my eye! In all of my years of cooking, I've never had anything like this happen to me. I mean, I've been splattered by hot oil but it's the typical little splatterings from frying. Unfortunately, I wasn't so lucky this time because it was big splashes and it caused 2nd degree burns, except for the one that went into my eye. I'm fine, really, but I don't look all that great. It's rather ugly but I'm fortunate that it wasn't any bigger and worse. It already seems to be healing but I may try to go to the dermatologist to make sure that it doesn't cause any permanent discolorations and/or scarring. Here's a picture of what I look like. It's not pretty.

So, please be careful when cooking. This is actually why I dislike to fry things.



K said...

Oh dear, please go to your derm! We need to make sure you don't have any scarring!!!

I didn't know you liked Japanese magazines! Please let me know which ones are your favorites!

galpal.hi said...

Thanks K! I'll try to make an appt. to go tomorrow. Hubby wants me to go too.

I like a lot of Japanese magazines. The beauty and fashion ones are great--Anecan, JJ, etc. I also love Myojo, Potato, Wink Up for all of the eye candy. LOL! Yeah, I's an obsession. Hubby calls me a dirty old lady.



BV said...

OMG Kat! I can't believe it you poor thing. More than anything - burns are so painful!! Please take care of yourself - I hope the doctor can help.

I love Japanese magazines as well - I have liked Non-No since I was a teen and although that was AGES ago - I still love it. I think the items inside are more within my price range. I also like More (apparently I fit the target market for this age wise) but everything in it was a lot more expensive and I still prefer Non-no.

I don't know why you can't get gifts in Hawaii..? That Kate Moss print looks so cool.

Please take care!

Haru said...

Hey Kat,
Ouch, that looks really painful! Hope it recovers quickly without any scarring. That's sweet of your son to send a package of yummy stuff!

galpal.hi said...

Thanks so much BV! It was painful initially but it's been fine since then.

Oh, Non-No is a great magazine as well. I actually think that a lot of the outfits featured in the magazines are quite expensive. I like looking that them though to see what is up and coming as far as fashion styles go and to get ideas on how to mix and match. I can then go shopping and look for similar styles in prices that I can afford.


galpal.hi said...

Hi Haru! Thanks for commenting!

Yes, I was so thrilled with my package from my son. He oftens says that he'll send things but then doesn't send a package. He'll then come home with a lot of goodies in his suitcase. Unfortunately, he couldn't make it home this summer. We were lucky that he was able to come home this past Christmas though.

I did go to the doctor today and he said that I'm doing a good job of taking care of the burns. He said that there should be no scarring and gave me antibiotic creams to prevent infections. I'm all good! Thanks for your concern!


shihoco by PLadge said...

Oh my godness! Kathy! Are you OK?!
I'm so worry about the burn that you got...
I heard aloe pack is good for burn, please try if you have aloe plant at your house.

galpal.hi said...

Thanks so much for your concern Shihoco san.
I am fine, really.
Yes, aloe is wonderful for burns so that was the first thing that I applied after I got the burns. I went to the doctor yesterday and he gave me some antibiotic creams to use. He said that everything looks good and I should heal up very nicely.