Monday, July 26, 2010

Review: Canmake Loose Cheek

In my recent order from A Pop of Kawaii was something else that seemed very interesting to me. I decided to buy and try Canmake Loose Cheek, which is a loose cheek powder. I know that Canmake is a drugstore brand and is quite inexpensive. I've read mixed reviews on this line. Personally, I think that it might be a hit and miss with the eyeshadows but the rest of the product line might be okay. I already have the shading powder and really like it. The color of the Loose Cheek that I bought is [01] Baby Pink.

Although the jar that it comes in feels like a cheap plastic, it is still quite cute. I love the design on top with the small crystal insert. I kind of gives that Jill Stuart feel to it. Since the plastic is clear, the cute powder puff topped with a sweet pink bow shows through and that makes it even sweeter. I think that everything about how it is presented is so cute!

When you take the powder puff out, there is a plastic sifter divider in which you dispense the powder from. It reminds me of Bare Minerals. I like to apply my blush with a brush so I won't be using the cute powder puff. I find it a little difficult to shake out the powder and have it stay in the container so that I can swirl my brush so I have ended up tapping it out into the lid.

The powder has a nice, soft feel to it when you apply it. It blends on very easily, is nicely pigmented--enough to get a nice coloring without over doing it. You can apply more for more color.

No blush

With blush

I was really impressed by this product. It's good quality and inexpensive. I'm thinking of purchasing another color or two. I feel like I've been really lucky lately in my purchases. I've been liking just about all of the items that I've purchased.



Lisa ♔ said...

Hi Kat,

Sorry.. Had to remove recent msg. Had a little error in it.Would appreciate if you could permenantly remove the above msg.

These look so cute! Baby pink suits your skintone well. I adore cute makeup packaging.The Jill stuart looks so good to eat...haha.

Have a great day =D

K said...

Glad it worked for you!

Canmake is pretty good when it comes to their blushes. There are a few different blushes that have gotten popular on the blogger world (like the cream cheeks, as well as the blush stripes). I like their glosses and mascaras as well! But you're right, they are hit or miss when it comes to their eyeshadows...

Ooooh by the way, I reserved my tickets to Hawaii!!!!

Jess said...

The puff is so cute, and I love the shade - very natural and cute!

galpal.hi said...

Hi Lisa! I removed your original comment as requested.

Thanks for the comment. Actually, I was a bit worried about how the baby pink would suit me since I find that most of the ones that I've tried just kind of disappears. I think that it actually suits fairer skinned people. When I saw it on at A Pop Of Kawaii though, the color seemed like it might be darker/brighter than most baby pinks I've seen so I decided to try it. I am happy with the result.

I'm definitely a sucker for cute packaging.


galpal.hi said...

Thanks for the Canmake info K. It's good to know that the blushes are a good buy. I'll need to try the glosses next.

Yay, you're booked for Hawaii! I sent you an email because I definitely want to know your itinerary so that we can plan to meet up. It will probably be my first blogger meet up.


galpal.hi said...

Hi there Jess! Are you holding up okay? I know that you're working so many hours right now. Thanks for taking the time to comment. The whole presentation of this blush is super cute.