Saturday, June 26, 2010

Visee Blooming Eyes PU-2 Review and EOTD

Today's EOTD is using the Visse Blooming Eyes PU-2 that I got as a gift from Shihoco san from Pladge Blogspot. Thank you Shihoco san! This palette is, I believe, a limited edition item. The design on the case is really beautiful, as is the embossing on the eyeshadows. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of it before I used it. I tried doing my makeup according to instructions on the plastic box that the case comes in. However, it was too pale on me and I looked a bit washed out, however, I think that if I applied the colors the same way that I did today, it would have been okay. I decided to combine it with a couple other colors, one of which is pretty much a standard for my daily makeup.

The eyeshadows themselves are quite nicely pigmented, but quite typical of Japanese eyeshadows in that they are lighter in color. The shadows feel nice and silky and I really didn't experience any fallout.

Products used today:

MAC Painterly
MAC Neutral Pink
MAC Sushi Flower
Visee Blooming Eyes PU-2
K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner
Talika Lipocils

Primed eyes with Painterly. From the Visee palette, the pink/peach color from crease line to eyebrows, the silver color from crease line to just under brow bone. Sushi flower on entire eyelid from lash line to just above crease line. The dusty medium brown color from the Visee palette from middle of eye to outer corner of eye from lash line blending to above crease line and lightly blending in contour area toward inner eye. The darkest brown color in the Visee palette is actually a cream liner, however, the feel of it is kind of a powdery cream so I used it as a shadow instead of a liner on my upper eyelid. I created a sideways "V" in the outer corner of my upper eyelid and blended inward on the fold. Here's where my EOTD nearly became a fail because I thought that I could also lightly blend it in the contour area of my just under my inner eyebrow area. Unfortunately, it didn't blend as I wanted it to so to "erase" the darkness of it, I applied more pink/peach and silver shadow over it but it didn't quite do it because then I looked washed out the way that I do when I use pastel colors in the contour area. So out came my trusty MAC Neutral Pink and I applied that in the contour area and it gave me enough color so that I don't look washed out. Whew! I also used the dark brown liner shadow to line the outer half of my lower lash line and the pink/peach color to line the inner half of lower lash line. Blend the colors well in the center where they meet. Lined my upper lash line with K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner and Talika Lipocils on my eyelashes.

Hey BV, if you look carefully, right in the crease line it's
kind of dark. That's the Mezaik stretch fiber. It kind of showed up
more than normal in today's EOTD. If I closed my eyes, you would
be able to really see it.

I'm so glad that I was able to fix my mistake because I truly didn't want to redo my makeup. I really like this Visee palette. Thank you again Shihoco san for the wonderful gift!



Anonymous said...

Can you describe the darker two colors in the Visee palette? I thought it's a purple palette and the photo certainly makes the colors look like dark, dusky purples instead of the brown you described it as. Maybe my monitor is off or something.

galpal.hi said...

Hi Anonymous =)
Thanks for your comment! I'm getting ready to go out for a while but I will do an addendum post for you. I'll do a close up picture of the palette and I'll also do swatches for you. The color name on the palette is PU-2 but those two colors to me seem more like browns. I'll do the swatches on white paper to get a better idea on the color. Maybe it's my old eyes that are starting to fail me. LOL!


BV said...

Hi Kat!
I'm finally getting around to sending you a little something - make sure you let me know if you don't get it within 2 weeks! I hope it gives you more fun things to experiment with!

I can see a line - but it isn't noticeable. In fact it looks less bad than some of the hideous creasing I can get on my lids.

I just don't get why I can't use it! oh well, it looks so lovely on you though...

Beautiful EOTD..

BV said...

Hi Kat

I just re-read this. I didn't mean "less bad" I meant less noticeable! My God I didn't realise how rude that was. I really need to stop commenting so late at night! Now 30 minutes past midnight.

I think my problem with Mezaik is not the slight line it leaves but the fact the ends started curling up (which looked freaky!). I think I also pulled Mezaik too tight and it made the skin on my eyelids look weirdly tight and pulled like I had bad plastic surgery on them. I will leave mezaik to the experts like you but live in hope to master it someday...


galpal.hi said...

LOL BV! I didn't think that you were being rude. I know what you mean about commenting so late at night. I often find that I've made some big typos.

As for pulling the Mezaik too tight, I pull it really tight so that it's a fine line. Yes, my eyelids do look kind of crinkled but I found that if I do it the night before and sleep with it on, when I wake up it's good. The other bonus is that I don't have to spend precious time in the morning trying to get the Mezaik on just right.

BTW, I did try, as a test, putting foundation over it and MAC Paintpot over it but it definitely doesn't work. It stopped sticking to my eyelids. I tried this because I read where someone uses the wondertape and applies her makeup over it with no problems.