Monday, June 7, 2010

Review: Skin79 BB Cream (Hot Pink) and Dior EOTD Take 2

I'm nearing the end of the various BB creams that I received from another super sweet blogger. There may be only one or two after this one.

Today it is Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Balm (Hot Pink).

It says right on the container that it's whitening, UV protecting and wrinkle free. I have to admit that I was a bit hesitant to try this one out because the coloring on it when I tested it on my hand, looked like it would make my face ashy. However, when I blended it on my face, it turned out okay. I've heard that this is on the moisturizing side and yes, it definitely is not matte. My complaint with it is that it doesn't blend into your skin and feels like it's just sitting there on your face. Normally I don't powder my face after applying my foundation but I had to do so today because it just wouldn't set on it's own.  The reason why I don't powder my face is because when I do, the dreaded fine lines show up. Surprisingly, it didn't show up--at least not right away.

BB Cream only. Wow, I think that
this gave the best coverage.

After applying foundation (no powder)

Today I had to take the final picture at 12 hours and not after 12 hours of wear.  I had to apply a touch up of foundation under my eyes today and patted my undereye area a few times throughout the day. I'm wondering if perhaps I set the BB cream with powder first and then applied my foundation, if it would have made a difference. I'll have to try it again another day. So at the end of the 12 hours, I was looking at myself in the mirror and thinking that I didn't really care for this BB cream.

After 12 hours of wear, a little of touching up

Comparison: Tony Moly after more than 12 hours, no touching up

SkinFood after more than 12 hours, no touching up

Lioele after more than 12 hours, no touching up

Caviar Gold after more than 12 hours, no touching up

After seeing the pictures, however, to my surprise the Skin79 seems to look the best. Of course, I did do a touchup while I didn't touch up the others except to pat my undereye area and the other pictures were taken after more than 12 hours. Other things to note is that today I was sampling several different items, which also may have had an effect. I promised my Dior MUA that I would sample the Dior serum, eye cream and primer. I'm not liking the eye cream but I've been trying that for almost a week. The other two items I have only tried it for two days now. The serum is supposed to smooth your wrinkles and fine lines so perhaps that helped with me not seeing fine lines like I normally do when I put powder on my cheek and undereye area. The primer is an anti-fatigue remedy that helps your complexion to glow.

I also used the Dior eyeshadows that I used in my EOTD on June 5. This time I changed the colors around a bit by using the coral color from lash line to above crease line and applied the Ultra Violet a little darker, creating a more smokey look. I think that with me using the coral color on my eyelids instead of just in the contour area, it gave me a little more color and made it look less muted. I like this better.



BV said...

Oh I like the look of that Dior quint! I admit I love the look of them - the design on them look so lovely... um

BV said...

It just goes to show you how different people are: re BB creams. For me, I liked Skin79 the most and perhaps Hanskin or Lioele the last. Yet these two are HG for many...

They all seem to work well but now I wonder if perhaps Tony Moly and Hanskin are best..? It is hard to tell cos all the pics look good. Maybe it is all about how it feels. I am trying new skincare range which I love but I am not sure if any of my lines are reduced - but my skin feels softer. Heh.

PS I forgot to say how pretty those colours were for your EOTD. I might crack out one of my bronze palettes for tomorrow!


Rica said...

Oh Kat... I love all your reviews for BB Cream! So informative! But now I really don't know which BB cream I should get...

So, can I request a comparison post of all the BB creams you got?

Thanks so much!

Your EOTD looks fab btw!


galpal.hi said...

Thanks for your comments BV. I'm really liking Dior eyeshadows. MAC has been my HG for so long but I've started branching out. The one thing that I don't like about MAC is that that there are often underlying colors in the eyeshadows. For example, Club (I think that it was Club) is kind of a emerald green eyeshadow but there is an underlying brown color and that brown color is what shows up on me the most. Unfortunately it's not a flattering brown on me.

I'm still quite undecided about which BB cream and even if BB creams are for me. Mai thought that I was wearing Temptu on Saturday night when we went out but I was wearing a BB cream and regular foundation.

I will continue on with testing and reviewing the BB creams more.


galpal.hi said...

Hi Rica! Yeah, I'm still confused too. LOL!

Yes, I will certainly do a wrap up post when I'm done testing all of the BB creams. On my Skin Food post, I did do a small comparison swatch on the 3 different BB creams that I had tried up to that point.

Thanks so much! I'm glad that you liked my EOTD.


Nic Nic said...

this bb cream sounds wonderful... great review!

your eotd is subtle and pretty! i need to get a dior palette one day ;)

galpal.hi said...

@Nic Nic--I am thinking of ordering one of the BB creams that you are selling. I'll wait a while and figure out what else I'm wanting to order and do it all at one time.

I think that Dior is comparable to Lunasol. I like both.