Sunday, June 27, 2010

Update--Visee Blooming Eyes PU-2

In my previous post, "Anonymous" commented and asked me to describe the two darker shades in this eyeshadow palette. I happened to describe the two colors as being brown although the color coding on it is PU-2, which means it is a purple palette. Honestly, I also wondered about it as I wrote my original post. "Anonymous" also said that she saw the colors as dark, dusky purples and not browns as I had said. I promised that I would go back and look at the palette carefully and do swatches, etc.

I'm keeping most of the pictures in this post at the original size but I don't want to overload this post with its size so please click on the image to enlarge it. Here is a close up of the palette. I took a picture with no flash and a picture with flash.

No flash

With flash

The picture with no flash, is more true to color in regular lighting. It seems to me that the colors appear more in the brown tone. The medium-toned eyeshadow looks kind of like a malt brown.  In the picture with the flash, the liner does look like it's a very deep (and pretty) purple. The medium-toned eyeshadow does look like a dusty purple, although I still think that it has a malt color to it.

I did swatches of the shadows on a white cardstock, and I also took pictures with flash and without flash.

The swatch with no flash, the two colors that we are discussing, looks brown to me. The swatch with flash, you can see the purple tones in it.

I also took a picture of the q-tips that I used to swatch the eyeshadows.

The q-tips look brown to me, although with the lighter shade, I can detect a hint of purple. Sorry, I can't remember if this was with flash or without.

Mai came over this afternoon to keep me company since I can't really go out and walk around the mall because of my injury. We examined the palette in different lighting and after much discussion, this is what we came up bright, natural lighting (sunlight) if you tilt the palette a certain way, you can definitely see it is purple. However, when it is in indoor lighting and/or darker lighting, the colors show up as brown. It was truly interesting to examine this palette.

I also ended up taking off my makeup and redo-ing it using only this palette (except I primed with MAC Painterly). I'm finding that as I work with it more and more, I'm really loving this palette.

It is perfect for an everyday look. I'm thinking of getting a backup of it since it is a limited edition item.

To "Anonymous", I hope that this was helpful to you. Thank you for asking me to examine this further. It was fun for me and I found it very interesting.



Li said...

Hello Kat,

I believe that the Visee blooming eyes palette is not a limited edition item. It is from the latest collection for Visee and is available in Japanese drug stores (maybe in other Asian countries later on). Just FYI.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm the anon poster from yesterday. Yes, that was very helpful, both the description and pictures. I wonder why they would label it as purple when there's only 1 lavender shade in it. Thank you very much.

galpal.hi said...

Hi Li! Thank you for your comment.

Really? That would be great if it's not a LE item. I thought that I saw somewhere that it was LE. Thanks so much for the info!


galpal.hi said...

Hi Anonymous!

I'm glad that it was helpful. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to examine it further. Mai and I had fun doing it. Honestly, seeing it in natural, bright sunlight at a certain angle, the liner color is this deep, beautiful purple color. It even seemed to have a little bit of shimmer in it. I just wish that it showed up like that in all lighting. It truly is a beautiful color.

Thanks again for your comment and request.


Blair said...

The liner shade looked a tad plummy but it swatches brown! o.O I experienced this with a Lunasol quad too, it looked brown but swatches khaki haha

galpal.hi said...

Hi Blair! Thank you for your comment.

I don't like it when the colors don't come out as you expect it to, especially when it's a completely different color, as in your case. Fortunately, this palette's coloring works out well on me. There are browns that look really horrible on me.


Jian said...

You are really working that palette! I find it really hard to get colours like that to work for me ><

I end up with this muddy looking MESS!

galpal.hi said...

Thanks Jian and thank you for visiting this blog and commenting.

I think that what you do with your makeup is really pretty! I love to read your blog.


Jess said...

The purple shades look really beautiful, but I'm afraid they are too warm for me.

Looks good on you though! ;)

galpal.hi said...

Jess, you are so fair that pastel colors look really pretty on you. I think that you are lucky. I know that you've been searching for THE lavender shade. Good luck!